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Infrared radiant heaters of the IR-S series

Selective heating and no warm-up time required

Via infrared radiation following the natural principle of the sun the modern infrared radiant heaters of the IR-S series produce direct warmth immediately upon switch-on. Unlike when using conventional heating devices the infrared rays here do not heat the room air but solid materials and objects they are directed at – such as walls, the floor or the ceiling. These can store the heat for a longer period and then release it in form of secondary radiation. Infrared radiation immediately generates an agreeable sensation of warmth on the skin.

Seeing as infrared radiant heaters convert a great deal of the energy input into direct heat, they are particularly energy-efficient as compared to say hot air blowers. The intense heat is produced selectively and without the need for preheating – a clean way of heating without causing noises, smells or dust circulation, hence also suitable for allergy sufferers. The infrared radiant heaters are ideally suited for use in the transition period between seasons or else as standby heating solution.

Exactly the right infrared radiant heater for every demand
Depending on the requirements different models of the IR-S series are available among these convenient all-rounders for heating: for instance they come with a different heating capacity, with varying splash protection (IP protection class) and the devices are respectively suited for mounting to the wall, a ceiling or a telescopic tripod – which then makes for a perfect mobile pedestal device to be used e.g. in the catering trade.

Functional principle of radiant heaters
Application possibilities for radiant heaters
Radiant heater with a heating capacity of 1,500 W
Radiant heater with a heating capacity of 2,000 W
Radiant heater with a heating capacity of 2,500 W

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Overview of the maximum heating range to be covered by infrared radiant heaters outdoors:

Application area Recommended heating capacity per m²
Area that can be covered by an infrared heater
with 1,200 W with 2,000 W with 2,500 W
Outside Sheltered:
approx. 150 W/m²
approx. 8 m² approx. 13 m² approx. 17 m²
No shelter:
approx. 250 W/m²
approx. 5 m² approx. 8 m² approx. 10 m²

You can proceed as follows to calculate the heating capacity (in watts) required for your room size:

Formula: m² x W/m² = W
room size (m²) x recommended heating capacity per square metre (W/m²) = required heating capacity of the infrared radiator (W)

Sample calculation:
For a well insulated room sized 25 m² we recommend the following heating capacity: 25 m² x 100 W/m² = 2,500 W

Technical data by comparison

All infrared radiant heaters in direct comparison:

To find the radiant heater which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all radiant heaters from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison