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IDS oil heater fans

The oil heaters of the IDS series convince with their attractive price-per­for­man­ce ratio and are particularly suitable for quick, uncomplicated heating of storage spaces, workshops, construction sites, greenhouses or stables.

Just set it up, switch it on and start heating...

The oil heater fans of the IDS series with their robust and simple design have everything you need for an immediate economic heating application:

The integrated fuel tank makes additional external oil tanks redundant and provides you with a high degree of flexibility when choosing the operating site. Owing to the carriage with large wheels, transport and a quick set-up can be carried out easily by one person even on building sites or uneven terrain.

Due to their sound and ingeniously simple design, these devices guarantee high reliability with a minimum amount of maintenance.

Of course, also with the oil heater fans of the IDS series safety comes first:

The devices as standard come equipped with an electronic flame trap, safety thermostat for overheating protection and fully automatic after-cooling. The double-walled housing with protective coating offers an effective soundproofing and increased safety at work, for the surface temperature of the outer casing and thus the risk of injuries is minimized.

The oil heater fans of the IDS series are prepared for the fully automatic operation controlled by a thermostat. For diverse applications a comprehensive range of accessories is available.

Direct (non-storage) heating models:

IDS 20 D and IDS 30 D provide mobile heating power with 100 % efficiency – exactly where needed. Both direct heaters are ideally suited for heating well-ventilated stables or construction sites in winter and also for defrosting machines, vehicles or pipes.

A few practical benefits:

  • Integrated oil burner with Danfoss® pump (except for IDS 900)
  • Electronic flame trap
  • Overheating thermostat
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Heat exchanger (high-temperature resistant from IDS 45 onward)
  • Fully automatic after-cooling
  • Double-walled housing for optimum soundproofing and insulation
  • Integrated fuel tank
  • Suitable for the fully automated use with external thermostat or timer switch (except for IDS 20 D)
  • Oil pre-warming (optional, from IDS 45 onward)
  • Connection facility for air transport hose

Additional advantages IDS 900:

  • Automatic ventilation controlled by thermostat
  • Oil filter
  • Electric control box
  • Robust steel frame with epoxy coating
  • High efficiency by means of flow-optimized stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Fully automatic after-cooling
  • Combustion chamber pre-heating
  • Summer/winter selection switch for an optional ventilation without heating function