Ceramic fan heaters of Trotec’s TDS-M series

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Ceramic fan heaters of the TDS-M series

Quick, effective and draught-free warmth without burning dust

Just like all Trotec electric heaters, the ceramic fan heaters of the TDS-M series do not consume oxygen for heat generation and neither produce combustion gases nor condensate-laden warm air, which makes them the ideal rapid heaters for closed interior spaces, particularly in the time between seasons and on extremely cold days.

But unlike conventional heating wire devices, the robust fan heaters of Trotec's TDS-M series use integrated PTC ceramic heating elements to quickly and effectively produce heat.

The durable PTC ceramic heating element offers numerous advantages as compared to conventional heating wire technology: PTC heater batteries are considerably more robust and heat up more quickly while they cannot overheat due to their functional principle. For if they become too hot, the conductivity and power output are automatically reduced by the material. This integrated temperature limiting effect protects the devices from overheating and thus offers a high level of operational safety.

For this reason, PTC heater batteries do not require a large air supply for cooling, which allows for installation of more smoothly running and hence silent fans. In combination with the large heater battery surface, TDS-M fan heaters therefore generate a pleasantly homogeneous, draught-free hot air current in a silent way.

Due to their construction, the ceramic heating elements moreover increase the stability of the TDS-M fan heaters – an additional plus in terms of operational safety.

Additionally, unlike devices with heating wires, the ceramic fan heaters of the TDS-M series do not burn any dust, which is why the room air is not contaminated with additional fine particulates – ideal for applications in living and working spaces, and a true asset for every allergy sufferer!

A few practical benefits:

  • Ceramic PTC heater battery instead of conventional filaments
  • Multi-stage temperature control with different heating levels
  • Overheating protection
  • Fan motor with thermal protection
  • Non-condensing warmth without oxygen consumption – ideal for heating interior spaces
  • Stable, robust and silent
  • Easy transport and operation