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TTK 500 and TTK 900 – Mobile construction dryers of the TTK pro series
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Mobile construction dryer of the TTK pro series

Professional TTK type construction dryer – synonym for pioneering drying technology, proven for decades

Innovative central chassis – both robust and service-friendly
Low-maintenance modular design
TTK 500 and TTK 900 MP – Mobile construction dryers of the TTK pro series

Trotec's standard for professional construction dryers

Trotec has always been standing for professional drying devices. Solutions for construction and water damage drying are the nucleus of our company. Therefore, providing first-class equipment for these areas is an integral part of our corporate DNA. Committed to this claim, we have consistently developed the successful TTK construction dryer series and improved it even more.

Durability, robustness, reliability, high dehumidification performance and value retention, these characteristics define the coordinate system of an outstanding construction dryer – and our current TTK pro series follows this concept more uncompromisingly than ever before!

The construction dryers TTK 500 and TTK 900 MP have everything a pro's heart desires – and nothing you don't really need!

No superfluous "bells and whistles" to increase costs, reduce reliability or complicate maintenance or cleaning. Instead we focus on the essentials: robust technology that is equally characterized by high reliability, mobility and dehumidification capacity, especially in cool environments.

No plastics, but an almost indestructible steel sheet construction for tough everyday use with optimum handling characteristics and an innovative central chassis for easy disassembly – and with plug-in electronics modules that can easily be replaced on site. All contributing to maximum operating times and minimized service times!

Commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK series

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