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High-end industrial dryers

For the permanent use in public buildings and in trade and industry, the resistant industrial condenser dryers from Trotec ensure best performance at low operating costs.

There are many trade and industry sectors where a certain humidity level must be maintained on a permanent and, in particular, reliable basis. But when rooms, devices and technical systems are directly exposed to coldness, wind and humid weather, it becomes a great challenge to keep them dry.

The stationary industrial dryers from Trotec were designed for such challenges. Making use of the principle of condensation, they provide first-class dehumidification performance in rough surroundings. Additionally, you will be able to benefit from low energy costs thanks to an integrated heat recovery. For drying operations in cold stores, in unheated storage facilities, in car pools, but also in sensitive areas such as libraries, archives, gyms and offices, permanently installed industrial dryers from Trotec offer long-term and reliable protection from mould, corrosion and other moisture damage.

With Trotec you have the choice of numerous models of three series for condensation drying: the DH series, the DH-S series and the DH-VPR+ series. The resistant and powerful devices are able to dehumidification quantities ranging from just over 200 m³ per hour up to an enormous 9,000 m³ per hour.

No matter which condenser dryer you need for your requirements, you will benefit from a high dehumidification performance at low operating costs and work with the best technical quality from Trotec.

By the way: For the use in all particularly hygiene-sensitive areas we also offer many DH models as optional stainless steel versions!