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Commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK‑ECO series

Economy-priced dehumidification and dry keeping

Efficient, reliable, economical – TTK‑ECO dehumidifiers are the reliable budget solution for typical dehumidification applications in craft and trade

The TTK‑ECO is our pragmatic solution when an equally low-cost and high-quality construction dryer is required.

All TTK‑ECO dehumidifiers come with a solid steel construction, which cannot be harmed by the rough operating environment on construction sites.

For an efficient dehumidification even at low ambient temperatures a hot gas automatic defrost system is further integrated as standard (TTK 172 ECO electronic).

With the ECO dehumidifiers a quick change of location from one building site to another is no problem at all.

For transport safety all devices are not only equipped with a cable holder, the larger models are also delivered in carriage design with large wheels at no extra charge. With these longer distances and also stairs can be overcome without difficulty.

Thanks to the efficient rotary piston compressor the maintenance-friendly devices can be transported and stored in any position.