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The range of pumps offered by Trotec

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Pumps for your home and garden

High-quality water pumps for the extraction, disposal and pumping of water

There are manifold fields of application and occasions where a suitable pump can provide valuable services. For instance when it comes to using ground water as alternative or additional water source, to watering your garden and all green spaces with collected rainwater or to transporting the service water from a natural or man-made reservoir into your home to ensure the water supply for your washing machine or for flushing the toilet.

Moreover, there are some pumps that can be a real helper in time of need: they ensure the quick draining of flooded basements after heavy rainfall or a proper flood. Eventually, there are also special pumps designed to reliably drain garden ponds or pump off the water from a swimming pool for subsequent cleaning. 

Trotec offers the right pump for each application purpose: garden pump, submerged pump, domestic water supply system or deep well pump.

You are sure to find just the pump that meets your individual requirements in our well-assorted product portfolio.

  • Garden pumps

    You want to economize on expensive tap water and instead supply your garden with the free clear water from a rain barrel, cistern or an adjacent stream? No problem! The powerful garden pumps from Trotec are ideally suited for this purpose.

  • Submerged pumps

    You would like to learn more about submerged pumps and need a quick overview? This page provides answers to the most important questions: What is a submerged pump? How do submerged pumps work? What purchase criteria should be taken into account before deciding for a model?

  • Domestic water supply systems

    If you want to be independent of the public water supply to save money, a domestic water supply system is the best solution for harnessing service water from an alternative source. It allows you to pump water from an existing reservoir and to use it for flushing the toilet, running the washing machine or watering your garden. A domestic water supply system from Trotec offers you multiple benefits!

  • Deep well pumps

    If you want to pump up ground water or other non-potable water from great depths in order to water the green spaces around your home or rather than using expensive tap water to flush the toilet, a premium high-performance deep well pump from Trotec is exactly what you're looking for.

  • Pressure switches

    With an electronic pressure switch you can control your water pump automatically without having to switch the pump on or off manually. The pressure switch monitors both the water pressure and the flow rate in the pipe and switches the pump connected on and off automatically every time the tap or garden hose is used.

  • Accessories Pumps

    If you use a deep well pump, such as our TDP series, or a domestic waterworks, such as our TGP series, to pump water from cisterns and wells for garden irrigation, cleaning or household use, you need reliable hose technology.