Submerged clear water pumps
Submerged clear water pumps
Submerged clear water pumps
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Submerged clear water pumps

Compelling with wipe-dry results

Submerged clear water pumps are chiefly used to effectively pump off and recirculate clear water or else water only slightly contaminated with dirt particles, for instance to convey domestic sewage, rain or seepage water, to eliminate a washing machine leakage or to drain a pool. The maximum particle size indicates how large the dirt particles may be without causing damage to the pump.

A particular feature offered by submerged clear water pumps is the possibility of "near-ground suction". With it the water can be pumped off to a particularly low water level of only a few millimetres – resulting in what is called "wipe-dry drainage". 

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

Reliable, powerful and suited for the most diverse clear water applications: Those are some of the quality features of Trotec's submerged clear water pumps. No matter the demands, owing to their high capacity these pumps are never out of their depth. HighPerformance in every respect – after all, Trotec stands for brand quality and professional solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!