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VC 1200W – spray extraction cleaner, wet & dry vacuum cleaner
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Spray extraction cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner VC 1200W

4-in-1 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner: Powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, spray extraction suction function and blower

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning applications with depth effect

The 4-in-1 spray extraction cleaner VC 1200W with its powerful suction motor of 1,200 watts is the universally applicable all-rounder for hygienic wet/dry cleaning of carpets, mattresses. upholstery, wall hangings, car seats as well as hard floor coverings (e.g. tiles, parquet or PVC). In the same way, annoying leaves and coarse dirt in outdoor areas can be blown away quickly and easily by means of the integrated blower function. Like all vacuum cleaners and cleaners from Trotec, the VC 1200W equally impresses with a high quality, attractive price and strong performance.

Fourfold power:
Spray extraction cleaner, wet cleaner, vacuum cleaner and leaf blower in one device

Whether you use it as a wet or dry vacuum cleaner, as a cleaner with spray extraction function or as a practical tool for blowing away dirt or leaves – with strong suction power and excellent cleaning efficiency the VC 1200W tackles wet and dry coarse/fine dirt on floors as well as stubborn dirt in home textiles. The stainless steel collection bag of the spray extraction cleaner can hold up to 8 litres of dry dirt (or 4.5 litres with the dust bag) or 6 litres of liquid. 

Spraying and suction in one step – drying 50 % faster:
Ideal for fibre-deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and car seats

For the particularly thorough spray extraction cleaning, for example of mattresses, textile flooring, seating furniture, doormats or the interior of cars, the VC 1200W comes equipped with a separate, removable 3.5 litre detergent tank and a spray suction hose with a dosage button and spray nozzle attachments. Tap water with detergents is sprayed into the textile surface under high pressure, sucked off again along with the dissolved dirt in the same operation and collected in the stainless steel container. The effective Trotec spray suction nozzle technology allows you to access the cleaned surfaces 50 % faster.

Leaves and coarse dirt can be blown away easily

The blow-out function of the VC 1200W is not only a highly convenient feature when the leaves are falling in autumn. The strong air flow rate of the industrial vacuum cleaner is excellently suited to blow away leaves and coarse dirt on terraces and in outdoor areas. In the same way, dirty locations indoors can be blown out.

TIP: The VC 1200W can also be used for deflating or inflating air mattresses or paddling pools easily and quickly. As comfortable as it gets!

Compact, smooth running and extremely manoeuvrable

The vacuum cleaner with its power of 1,200 watts allows for convenient and smooth-running vacuum cleaning. Swivel castors which can be moved by 360°, a power cable with a length of 4.5 m, two extension pipes (35 cm each) and a suction hose with a length of 1.8 m offer you maximum freedom of movement for all cleaning work to be carried out. The suction and spray nozzles can be fastened directly on the device to save space. A foldable carrying handle facilitates transportation to the site of use, the practical cable winder offers protection against trip hazards. By means of the quick-catch fasteners, the container cover can be unlocked and opened easily and reliably. For rough operating applications, the robust housing is protected by IPX4 against splash water from all sides.

High dust retention capacity: ideal not only for households with animals and allergy sufferers

Craftsmen, families, pet owners and allergy sufferers appreciate the excellent cleaning performance of the VC 1200W. Unpleasant animal odours in textiles can be removed almost completely with the spray extraction cleaning function. In the dry cleaning process, an integrated HEPA filter with a powerful dust retention capacity prevents sucked-in dust particles or allergens from being released again with the exhaust air. The HEPA filter can be cleaned automatically and easily at the touch of a button without having to disassemble the filter first. For wet cleaning, a foam filter is included in the scope of delivery. For sucking off sander dust or sawdust, the VC 1200W can also be connected to suitable power tools via the USB interface of the PC correlator.

Complete set for your home, holiday home, garage, workshop, cellar, balcony and terrace

The set of accessories included in the scope of supply, comprising various attachments and extensions, offers the ideal equipment for almost any cleaning application:

  • 1 x Spray extraction cleaner VC 1200W with detergent tank
  • 1 x Integrated spray suction nozzle (1.8 m)
  • 2 x Extensions (35 cm each)
  • 1 x Floor nozzle for thorough wet /dry cleaning
  • 1 x Crevice nozzle for poorly accessible locations
  • 2 x Spray nozzles for cleaning upholstery and carpets down to the fibres
  • 1 x Dust bag for 4.5 litres of dry dirt
  • 1 x HEPA filter for dry cleaning
  • 1 x Foam filter for wet cleaning

Ideally suited for:

  • Wet / dry cleaning in your household at regular intervals
  • Spray extraction cleaning of carpets, mattresses and upholstery
  • Room cleaning in holiday homes
  • Cleaning the interior of cars
  • Final cleaning after renovation work
  • Cleaning of workshop or garage
  • Removal of liquids
  • Cleaning of outdoor areas, terraces and gardens

The combined wet / dry vacuum cleaner VC 1200W is the universally applicable comprehensive solution for numerous cleaning applications with deep-cleaning effect.

VC 1200W – special equipment features

VC 1200W – compact and powerful
The vacuum cleaner VC 1200W impresses by compact dimensions, a strong power consumption of 1,200 watts and a cable length of 4.5 metres.
VC 1200W – HEPA filter
HEPA filter for high dust retention capacity – captures 90 % of all fine particles. With automatic filter cleaning system. Including a foam filter for wet cleaning.
VC 1200W – spraying and suction
Spraying and suction: The fresh water and detergent supply can be dosed easily at the handle. The removable tank can hold 3.5 litres of fresh water or detergent.
VC 1200W – 8-litre dry dirt container
Lots of space for cleanliness: The dust bag can hold up to 4.5 litres of dry dirt, the stainless steel collection bag can hold up to 6 litres of liquid or up to 8 litres of dry dirt.
VC 1200W – 4.5-litre dust bag
Lots of space for cleanliness: The dust bag can hold up to 4.5 litres of dry dirt, the stainless steel collection bag can hold up to 6 litres of liquid or up to 8 litres of dry dirt.
VC 1200W – 6-litre wastewater tank
Lots of space for cleanliness: The dust bag can hold up to 4.5 litres of dry dirt, the stainless steel collection bag can hold up to 6 litres of liquid or up to 8 litres of dry dirt.
VC 1200W – dry vacuum cleaner
Dry vacuum cleaner: Dust and dry dirt do not stand a chance on tiles, parquet, PVC / vinyl floors or industrial concrete floors.
VC 1200W – spray extraction cleaner
Spray extraction cleaner: Water or detergent is sprayed deeply into the textile surfaces and sucked off directly along with the dirt in one operation.
VC 1200W – wet cleaner
Wet cleaner: Up to 6 litres of water or other liquids can be sucked up from the ground in one operation before the stainless steel tank has to be emptied.
VC 1200W – blow-out function
Blow-out function: The VC 1200W can not only suck in the air, it can also blow it out. A practical feature, e.g. if you want to blow away dirt or leaves, or also for inflating air mattresses.
VC 1200W – accessory slots
Space-saving and practical: The accessories can be attached to the device - including cable winder. In this way, you will not loose anything and you’ll always have everything close at hand.
VC 1200W – convenient and mobile
Convenient and mobile: Thanks to its 4 wheels (incl. 2 swivel castors), the VC 1200W runs smoothly and is manoeuvrable. The handle and the catch fasteners also offer a high level of comfort.
VC 1200W – protected against splash water by IPX4
Perfectly equipped for rough applications: The robust power pack is protected against splash water from all sides by IPX4 protection type.
VC 1200W – numerous accessories
Numerous accessories: Detergent tanks, spray suction hose, 2 extension pieces, floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, 2 spray extraction nozzles, dust bag for 4.5 litres of dry dirt, HEPA filter and foam filter (both in the device)

Various possible applications for the wet and dry vacuum cleaner VC 1200W

VC 1200W – dry vacuum cleaner
Dry vacuum cleaner: With a suction capacity of 1,200 watts, ideally suited to remove dust and dirt from hard floor coverings in halls, workshops and at home. The dust bag can hold up to 4.5 litres of dirt, and the stainless steel tank can even hold 8 litres of dirt.
VC 1200W – spray extraction cleaner
Spray extraction cleaner: Thorough cleaning that goes deeply into the fibres of carpets, upholstery and mattresses. The spray nozzle makes the drying process quicker by up to 50 %. The 3.5-litre detergent tank allows for uninterrupted cleaning of large surfaces.
VC 1200W – car vacuum cleaner
Cleanliness in the car? No problem! The VC 1200W sucks dust and crumbs out of every crevice. By means of the spray nozzle, textile seat cushions or doormats can also be cleaned thoroughly.
VC 1200W – upholstery vacuum cleaner
Removes animal hair, dust, and crumbs on armchairs, sofas and recamiers. Use the crevice nozzle to reach into upholstery crevices or to clean tile joints, corners and angles.
VC 1200W – liquid vacuum cleaner
Liquid vacuum cleaner: Puddles in the cellar or spilt liquids in the kitchen can be sucked up quickly and easily. The wastewater tank can hold up to 6 litres of liquid.
VC 1200W – leaf blower
Blow-out function: Use the blow-out air flow to blow away leaves and coarse dirt from your terrace. You can also use the VC 1200W to inflate air mattresses quickly and easily.
Technical data in comparison

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Technical data in comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • 4-in-1 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner: Powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner with spray extraction function and blower function
  • 1,200 W of power on all surfaces
  • For cleaning carpets, upholstery, car seats, mattresses, hard floor coverings and for dry vacuum cleaning
  • Ideal for the use at home, in the car, in garages, basements, gardens, on terraces...
  • Water or the detergent is sprayed deeply into the textile surfaces and sucked off along with the dirt – in just one operation
  • 2 spray nozzles (spray suction nozzles) for carpet and upholstery cleaning deep down to the fibres and for sucking up liquids
  • Spray suction hose: The fresh water supply can be dosed at the handle
  • Separate fresh water tank (3.5 litres)
  • The effective Trotec spray suction nozzle technology allows you to access the cleaned surfaces 50 % faster
  • Floor nozzle for dry vacuum cleaning
  • Long crevice nozzle for poorly accessible locations
  • Including an additional blow-out function, e.g. for leaves
  • HEPA filter for high dust retention capacity – captures 90 % of all fine particles
  • With filter cleaning system – removes dust from the HEPA filter
  • Can be used as a dry vacuum cleaner with a dust bag for up to 4.5 litres of dry dirt
  • Can be used as a wet vacuum cleaner without a bag for up to 6 litres of wastewater
  • Easy changing/emptying of the dust bag/water tank
  • Mobile by means of 4 castors (incl. 2 swivel castors)
  • Foldable carrying handle and snap fasteners for easy opening
  • Integrated accessory holder for nozzles, suction pipe and cable winder
  • Large operating range thanks to the cable with a length of 4.5 m
  • Stainless steel container with removable fresh water tank
  • IPX4 protection type – protection against splash water from all sides

Benefit from the Trotec brand quality guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality. Via the registered GS mark the inspection authority Intertek certifies that, if used foreseeably and as intended, the device does not pose a risk to the health and safety of the user.

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

So far, you basically only had two options when choosing a vacuum cleaner: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap.

Trotec's PowerTools now offer a smart choice: good and cheap at the same time. For we do not only stand for brand quality where measuring devices and air conditioners are concerned, but also when it comes to power tools: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

Intertek – tested for safety


VC 1200W Washing Vacuum Cleaner, Wet and Dry show in Trotec online shop

VC 1200W Washing Vacuum Cleaner, Wet and Dry

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.655.000.200
Technical data
  Power input [W] 1,200
  Hose length [cm] 180
Capacity of the dust container
  Dry dirt max. [ml] 8,000
  Liquids max. [ml] 6,000
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/17
  Cable length [m] 4.5
Sound values according to EN 60745
  Sound pressure level LpA [dB(A)] 80
Safety feature
  Protection class II
Housing design
  Stainless steel dirt tank
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 360
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 330
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 525
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 7.5
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  Wet vacuum cleaning function
  Dry vacuum cleaning function
  Discharge function
  Spray function
  ON/OFF switch
  Fresh water supply
  Air volume regulation
  HEPA filter
  Filter efficiency 90 %
  Washable dust filter
  Washable HEPA filter
  Washable foam filter
  Filter cleaning function
  Nozzle fitting
  Cable holder
  Dirt tank
  Water tank
  Filling level indication
  Auto-stop function
Standard scope of delivery
Accessories scope of delivery
  Floor nozzle
  Crevice nozzle
  Spray nozzle, large
  Extension hose 1.8 m
  Spray nozzle, small
  Suction pipe
  Number of screws 4
  Foam filter
  Water tank
  Dirt tank
  Dust bag
  Number of wheels 4

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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