Thermal imaging camera AC080V: Technical data by comparison

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Technical data
General information
Article number
Temperature (°C)
Min. measuring range [°C] -20
Max. measuring range [°C] 600
Max. accuracy ± 2 °C or ± 2 % of the current measured value
Radiometric image performance
Detector type Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
Detector resolution 384 x 288 pixels
Spectral range 8 - 14 µm
Thermal sensitivity [30°C] ≤ 0.05°C
Image refresh rate 50/60Hz
Geometric resolution 1.1 mrad
Standard lens | Radiometric image performance 24°x18°
Minimum focal length 0.15 m
Field of vision (FOV) 24°x18°
LCD 3.5"
Visual image performance (integrated digital camera)
Video norm PAL/NTSC
Composite video (video out)
Power supply
Via battery (Li-ion)
Operating time
Up to 8 h
Device control
Push buttons
Memory organisation
Storage medium Internally 16 GB (optionally 32 GB)
Radiometric file format JPEG
Visual file format JPEG
Ambient conditions
Operation - min. temperature [°C] -20
Operation - max. temperature [°C] 50
Storage - min. temperature [°C] -40
Storage - max. temperature [°C] 70
Min. humidity [%] 10
Max. humidity (non-condensing) [%] 95
Type of protection
IP54 IEC 529
25G IEC 60068-2-29
2G IEC 60068-2-6
Type Semiconductor AlGalnP diode
Classification Laser class 2
Wavelength [µm] 635
Housing design
Equipment, features and functions
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
Thermal imaging camera with standard lens
Protective cap
Temperature test certificate
Standard software package
Internal memory
Video cable
USB cable
Tripod fixing device
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
Surface temperature [°C]
Surface temperature [°F]
Functions and features
Motor-controlled focus
Differential measurement
Profile analysis
Laser pointer
Automatic contrast and brightness setting
Isotherm measuring function - between upper and lower limit value
Freeze function
Energy saving mode - user-defined
Degree of emission adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
Data transmission via USB
Tripod mounting
Up to 9 movable measuring spots (8x manual and 1x automatic temperature tracking)
Image display option real image
Image display option IR image
Image display (pseudo colours, 6 colour palettes)
Area measurement 1 area
Alarm function (acoustic) when exceeding/falling below freely configurable temperature values
DuoVision Plus, combined display of IR image and contour representation (real image)
Status display
Temperature comparison function
Auto focus
System can be remote-controlled by use of the software
Saving of fully radiometric JPEGs
Saving of non-radiometric MPEG-4 IR videos directly on storage medium
Saving of radiometric videos – on PC via USB
Mounting via a 1/4 inch - 20 connection
Fixed focus
Distance indication to the object directly in the thermal image (in m or inch)
10x digital zoom (adjustable in 0.1 degrees)
Automatic adjustment of temperature range
Manual focus
Manual adjustment of brightness and contrast
Integrated photo lamp
Integrated distance measurement (up to 30m)
Integrated digital camera
Automatic measurement correction based on user-defined specifications regarding reflected object temperature
Automatic measurement correction based on user-defined specifications for ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity
Inclinable, swivel-mounted 3.5-inch display

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