Quality extension cable 230 V (16 A) - 15 m
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Professional extension cable 230 V (16 A) – Made in Germany

20 meter extension cable - 230 V, 16 A, H07RN-F 3G2.5

No China or hardware store goods

This high-quality, extremely robust 230 volt extension cable, is not only characterized by the proven Trotec quality on the outside. The yellow cable sheathing offers reliable protection on every construction site, and thanks to the printed Trotec logo you will always and everywhere recognize the cable - for increased theft protection!

But this cable also has a lot to offer in terms of inner values: made of German quality manufacturing with protection class IP44, it convinces with its careful workmanship.

The type designation "H07RN-F" stands for a robust rubber hose cable.

No China or hardware store goods! The oil and acid resistant neoprene rubber fulfills the BG regulations for construction sites and is suitable for ambient temperatures from -25 °C to +60 °C.

The flexible rubber hose cable type "H07RN-F" is considered to be resistant. Against weather influences the sheathing brings a high durability. Resistance to UV and ozone also contributes to the service life of the rubber cable. Even when subjected to mechanical impacts such as blows, the cable remains firm.

Special equipment features

Safety plug (type F)
The quality extension cable is equipped with a CEE 7/7 safety plug (type F).
Sealing cap
When the extension cable is not used, it is still reliably protected against moisture and dirt by the integrated sealing cap.
IP44 type of protection
The IP44 type of protection signifies that the plug, socket and cable are protected against splashwater from all directions as well as against granular foreign objects with a diameter exceeding 1 mm.
Professional extension cable - 20 m cable length
With its length of 20 meters the quality extension cable offers you a large range of action for connecting your devices.
Professional extension cable - temperature resistant
Due to the robust rubber sheathing the extension cable can be used at temperatures between -25 °C and +60 °C.
Professional extension cable - cable type H07RN-F 3G2,5
The 3-core, fine-wire cable type H07RN-F 3G2.5 (rubber hose cable) is suitable to be used in dry and humid rooms, or outdoors on a temporary basis.
Professional extension cable - signal color
Trip protection! Due to the conspicuous yellow color, the extension cable is always easy to recognize on the ground
Professional extension cable - Made in Germany
Quality "made in Germany": The robust professional extension cable is carefully processed and tested in German production.

Strong in use: The 20-meter extension cable for professionals

Professional extension cable - dehumidification application
With the flexible extension cable you always have a nearby power outlet.
Professional extension cable - application construction site
Even if there is no power outlet nearby on the construction site, working is easily possible thanks to the 20 meter extension cable.
Professional extension cable - application garden
For full freedom of movement during gardening work. Even if the grass or soil is still slightly moist, the cable can be laid on the ground for non-permanent use.
Professional extension cable - Application workshop
Whether for power tools, for lighting or for heating - electricity is always needed in the workshop.

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Technical data in comparison

Advantages for the practice:

  • Cable length 20 m
  • Input voltage 230 V
  • Nominal current 16 A
  • Cable cross-section 2.5 mm²
  • Plug and coupling CEE 7/7
  • Cable type H07RN-F 3G2.5
  • Type of protection IP44
  • Solid rubber plug and coupling
  • Safety contact coupling with sealing cap
  • Made in Germany


Pro extension 2-pin cable 20 m / 230 V / 2.5 mm² - Made in Germany show in Trotec online shop

Pro extension 2-pin cable 20 m / 230 V / 2.5 mm² - Made in Germany

Daily rent:
2.40 £ incl. VAT per day


Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 7.333.000.376
Cable specification
  Length [m] 20
  Cross-section [mm²] 2.5
  Number of strands 3
  Type H07RN-F
Plug and coupling
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
Electrical data
  Input voltage [V] 230
  Nominal current consumption [A] 16
  Type of protection IP 44
Ambient conditions
  Min. temperature range [°C] -25
  Max. temperature range [°C] 60
  Solid rubber plug and coupling
  Safety contact coupling with sealing cap

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available