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Room hygrostat HG 110 with jack plug

Control and monitoring of humidity – Made in Germany

Allows unattended operation of dehumidifiers in continuous operation

For humidity-dependent control of the TTK 170 ECO or other dehumidifier with 6.35-mm jack socket for external hygrostat, for example for unattended drying processes in continuous operation.

The Trotec hygrostats HG 110, HG 120 and HG 135 are technically identical and only differ in their connection type. The HG 110 has a 6.35 mm jack plug. The HG 120 has a 4-pin DIN plug and the HG 135 is offered as a 230 V version with a maximum switching load of 10 A and a CEE 7/3 combination socket.

The external hygrostat HG 110 in combination with the matching dehumidifier serves as a two-point controller for controlling the relative humidity, for example, on indoor construction sites, in basement rooms, in climate control cabinets or for controlled dehumidification of office and computer rooms. Other areas of application are warehousing for goods or foodstuffs, cold storage rooms for fruit and vegetables, greenhouses of horticultural businesses, textile industry, paper and printing industry, film industry, hospitals. Wherever air humidity needs to be controlled or monitored, the HG 110 jack with the associated dehumidifier is generally applicable. 

Mode of operation and mounting location

The mounting location should be chosen to ensure a representative humidity measurement, i.e. the humidity readings at the mounting location should match those of the room and the humidistat should be located in the air flow. The room hygrostat responds quickly and accurately to changes in humidity. By adjusting the setpoint knob, the lever system is intervened in such a way that when the set humidity is reached, the internal microswitch is actuated.

Example of a 6.35mm jack socket exemplarily shown at the TTK 170 ECO
TTK 170 ECO - Hygrostat connection and operating hours counter

Save electricity and money on dehumidification

With our hygrostat HG 110 you save additional money when dehumidifying or keeping humid rooms dry. The programmable switch is simply plugged into the dehumidifier with the 6.35mm jack plug to regulate dehumidification based on the measured humidity.

When the desired target humidity is reached, the humidistat turns the unit off, noticeably reducing the unit's energy consumption. The initial cost of the energy-saving HG 110 thus pays for itself in a very short time.

Furthermore, many dehumidifiers have only rough target settings for the optimum humidity. The HG 110 hygrostat allows the room humidity to be regulated in 1 % steps between 40 % and 90 % by connected dehumidifiers and thus offers a much more precise target humidity selection.

Dehumidification in continuous operation - wherever it is needed

HG 110 - TTK 500 Continuous operation in the warehouse
Automatic humidity control in the warehouse with the external room hygrostat HG 110 jack plug
HG110 - TTK 170 Eco Continuous operation on the construction site
Automatic air humidity regulation on the indoor construction site with the external room hygrostat HG 110 jack plug
All room hygrostats in direct comparison:

All room hygrostats in direct comparison:

In order to find exactly the right room hygrostat for you, you have the possibility to clearly compare all room hygrostats of the HG series from Trotec.

Models that you do not want to include in the comparison can simply be clicked away.

Technical data in comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Working range temperature: 0 °C to + 60°C
  • Working range humidity: 40 % r.h. to 90 % r.h.
  • Measuring range: 40 - 90 % r.h.
  • Measuring accuracy: ± 3.0 % r.h.
  • Switching differential: approx. 4 % r.h.
  • Connection: 3 meter cable with 6.35-mm jack plug (¼ inch)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 55 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 0.3 kg

Other room hygrostats


HG 110 Hygrostat with jack plug show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
  Min. regulation range [% r.F.] 40
  Max. regulation range [% r.F.] 90
Measurement accuracy
  +/- RH [%] 3
Ambient temperature
  min. [°C] 0
  max. [°C] 60
Electrical values
  Voltage [V] 24
  Max. switching load [A] 2
Electric connection
  Connection plug 6.35 mm jack plug 1/4"
  Cable length [m] 3
Safety feature
  Type of protection IP 20
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 70
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 115
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 47
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 0.12

 standard equipment

 optionally available

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