Electronic thermohygrostat HG 125
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Electronic thermohygrostat HG 125

Humidity/temperature-based device control in operating environments from -30 °C even at very low humidity values

The HG 125 comes with two configurable switching contacts (RH/temp.) and enables electronic control even at very low humidity values in operating environments from -30 °C.

An external climate sensor continuously records temperature and humidity values at the measuring spot at a distance of up to 5 m, which are indicated in turns on the digital display of the HG 125.

The thermohygrostat is designed for direct connection to Trotec dehumidifiers with DIN socket for 7-pin plugs. If intending to use the hygrostat with 4-pin DIN socket Trotec dehumidifiers, the optionally available adapter transformer will be required in addition.

The thermohygrostat can also be used for combined heating with all Trotec devices which have a 7-pin DIN socket for connection, such as the multi air handlers TAC XT 18 and TAC XT 27. These devices can be temperature-controlled for decentralised room air heating via existing ventilation systems or textile air distributors using the HG 125.

A few practical benefits:

  • Two configurable switching contacts for temperature and humidity
  • Climate sensor for temperature and humidity with 5 m cable length
  • 7-pin DIN plug with 5 m cable
  • Setpoints programmable from 5 to 95 % RH for humidity control and from -35 °C to +80 °C for temperature control

HG 125
HG 125
HG 125
HG 125
HG 125


Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
Measuring range
  Min. measuring range [% r.F.] 0
  Max. measuring range [% r.F.] 100
  Min. measuring range [°C] -30
  Max. measuring range [°C] 100
Measurement accuracy
  +/- RH [%] 3
Recommended operating range
  min. [% r.F.]
  max. [% r.F.]
Ambient temperature
  min. [°C] -30
  max. [°C] 80
Electrical values
  Voltage [V] 230
  Max. switching load [A] 5
Electric connection
  Cable length [m] 5
Safety feature
  Type of protection IP20

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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