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In-depth looks for detailed insights

To ensure you don't miss a single detail: Videoscopes from Trotec enable visual inspections even at poorly accessible locations. Made possible by the best technology and flexible probes.

A quick and trouble-free inspection of machines, boilers and lines, especially in case of failure, not only saves the time for extensive repair. It also limits the extent of the loss of production. To avoid that system parts have to be disassembled first in order to detect damaged spots, you might need a third eye performing an endoscopic inspection. Such a one is provided by Trotec in form of a high-performance videoscope. By means of a flexible gooseneck probe the robust and water-proof video endoscopes reach almost any concealed location. And you can see "behind the curtain". For in a matter of seconds you will gain optimally illuminated inspection images, displayed on a high-quality colour LCD. If required, the images or video sequences can also be transmitted to an external monitor or a computer. This way you are provided with a detailed and significant documentation regarding the condition of a machine or line in a quick and uncomplicated manner. Functions such as illumination and focusing on the target range contribute to your in-depth look – whilst remaining incredibly easy to handle.

Put together your own videoscope

Delivered along with the Trotec videoscopes are also a number of helpful tools, by use of which you can individually adjust the use of your video endoscope to the respective task. Using the different attachments your videoscope is quickly converted into a retrieval instrument or a sampling device. So simple, so powerful, so Trotec!