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In-depth looks for detailed insights

To ensure you don't miss a single detail: Videoscopes from Trotec enable visual inspections even at poorly accessible locations. Made possible by the best technology and flexible probes.

Videoscopes VSC series
Videoscopes VSC series
Videoscopes VSC series
Videoscopes VSC series

Put together your own videoscope

A quick and trouble-free inspection of machines, boilers and lines, especially in case of failure, not only saves the time for extensive repair. It also limits the extent of the loss of production. To avoid that system parts have to be disassembled first in order to detect damaged spots, you might need a third eye performing an endoscopic inspection. Such a one is provided by Trotec in form of a high-performance videoscope. By means of a flexible gooseneck probe the robust and water-proof video endoscopes reach almost any concealed location. And you can see "behind the curtain". For in a matter of seconds you will gain optimally illuminated inspection images, displayed on a high-quality colour LCD. If required, the images or video sequences can also be transmitted to an external monitor or a computer. This way you are provided with a detailed and significant documentation regarding the condition of a machine or line in a quick and uncomplicated manner. Functions such as illumination and focusing on the target range contribute to your in-depth look – whilst remaining incredibly easy to handle.

Delivered along with the Trotec videoscopes are also a number of helpful tools, by use of which you can individually adjust the use of your video endoscope to the respective task. Using the different attachments your videoscope is quickly converted into a retrieval instrument or a sampling device. So simple, so powerful, so Trotec!

Videoscopes BO Series

  • BO21 Videoscope-TrotecInnovations


    Fast optical inspections

    The BO21 is a universally applicable video inspector for quick endoscopic visual inspections in poorly accessible areas or hollows.

    Integrated in the tip of the bendable gooseneck probe is a water-proof colour camera with adjustable illumination.

    The powerful quad LED illumination of the easy-to-handle BO21 enables perfectly illuminated inspection images in every situation, displayed on the colour LCD display of the BO21 with excellent brilliance.

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  • BO22 videoscope-TrotecInnovations


    Handy mini videoscope

    The video endoscope BO22 makes it easy to have an in-depth look in narrow spaces that are difficult to access, e.g. gaps, cable ducts or motor systems. The robust BO22 provides for an intuitive operation and razor-sharp videos and photos (1280 x 720). The semi-rigid gooseneck probe of one metre length (Ø 5.5 mm) always offers perfect visibility via 6 powerful LEDs. The 180° image rotation is convenient for any working situation. Despite its compact dimensions, the BO22 ensures a high user comfort thanks to 3" LCD colour display, freeze-frame function, 3x digital zoom, display brightness control, mirror attachment for inspection from all sides, hook and magnet attachment, card slot for microSD card and storage bag.

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  • BO26 Videoscope-TrotecInnovations


    Fast endoscopic photo and video documentation

    In addition to its versatility, the BO26 is characterized by uncomplicated handling: A multilingual on-screen menu and adjustable parameters such as exposure or focusing of the target area support simple, intuitive operatio

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Videoscopes VSC Series

  • VSC106-TrotecInnovations


    Professional industrial videoscope

    The cordless VSC106 is a mobile and user-friendly compact system. The robustly designed videoscope with 1 metre IP67 push probe (Ø 6 mm) provides razor-sharp and high-contrast digital videos and images even in poorly accessible locations. Using the joystick control unit, the high-quality camera head can easily be bent to all sides; its 6 dimmable white-light LEDs ensure brilliantly illuminated image results on the large VGA display. The VSC106 features a strong ABS housing providing protection both against impact damage and the infiltration of dust or splashing water. Ideal prerequisites for the rough conditions of industrial applications. And in the event of a defect, the entire probe, including the articulation system, can be easily replaced by the user.

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  • VSC206 industrial videoscope-TrotecInnovations


    Professional industrial videoscope

    Mobile, Compact and Easy to Use - The VSC206 Wireless Industrial Video Scope delivers razor-sharp, high-contrast video and digital footage even in hard-to-reach places. At the top of the 2 m long and 6 mm thin, multi-walled probe is the titanium-coated camera head, which can be steplessly angled in all directions. It can be precisely controlled by joystick and, in conjunction with the brightness-adjustable, 6-fold LED lighting, enables perfect all-round visibility in the inspection area. The VSC206 is protected by its ABS housing with protector elements against impact damage, dust or splash water. This is how optical inspection goes in Trotec quality.

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  • VSC3008 industrial videoscope-TrotecInnovations


    Professional industrial video scope

    The VSC3008 allows you to have indirect visual inspection as it should be: handy, robust and visually stunning. It's 3m long and 8mm thin probe cable consists of a complex, multi-walled construction with an extremely wear-resistant outer tungsten wire mesh. The camera head, which can be steplessly tilted in all directions, provides targeted photo or video recordings in otherwise inaccessible cavities or channels. With the bright LED illumination, the 4.3-inch TFT LCD display (800x480 px), a field of view of 130°, more than 4 hours of operation and the 3x digital zoom, you get the best optical quality available for your inspection. You notice: development, design, manufacturing: 100% Trotec.

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