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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Thermohygrometers in the new Trotec design

Mobile climate measuring with innovative look & feel

If the label says 100 % Trotec, then that is exactly what you will find. This applies to both the in-house development and the innovative Trotec design, in which our new measuring devices have come to shine as of late. Among these for example the thermohygrometers BC06 and BC21.

In terms of design Trotec decided in favour of a visually appealing and haptically comfortable shape. Its ergonomic design ensures optimum user comfort of both devices. Fitted with unmistakable Trotec features, it is not only the technological aspects that leave a good impression during each measurement. Altogether, the very best of tried and tested German industrial design – and a protected prototype!

Perfect handling. Precise climate control.

•    BC06 Thermohygrometer

Accurate measured values within seconds ranging from temperature to the relative humidity in living, office and storage spaces – this is what the BC06 is all about. Owing to its convenient combination of precise measuring technology and uncomplicated single-handed operation this thermohygrometer belongs to the essential tools to be used in laboratories, agricultural holdings and floristics. With the minimum/maximum function these values of the current measurement can optionally also be displayed – ideal to ascertain climate changes in different space zones in an easy way. And also suitable for use in twilight: The LCD display is automatically illuminated.

•    BC21 Thermohygrometer

The thermohygrometer is a reliable professional partner for the everyday work of e.g. ventilation and air-conditioning technicians: owing to the integrated dew-point and wet-bulb temperature measurement the BC21 resolves all issues relating to the air conditioning of buildings as well as the planning, measuring and performance control of air-conditioning and ventilation systems. For example whether the prevailing room climate is agreeable or whether there is a risk of mould growth or rust – answers to these and many other questions provides the precise climate measuring device with its high-quality sensors and numerous measuring functions. Including an automatic display illumination.

Our two climate measuring devices in new design are also part of the MultiMeasure promise of performance we make to our customers of providing the ideal measuring device for each case of application in high quality and with equipment meeting the demands as well as with an excellent value-for-money ratio.