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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Say goodbye to construction dust — the TAC 750 E

New air cleaner for smaller construction areas

TAC 750 E

Chiselling, sanding, milling, removing plaster or tiles — almost all crafts involve dust exposure. But construction dust is not only annoying because it has to be cleaned away, it may also be a health hazard.

The cause of dust formation may not be avoided, whereas the distribution of dust can very well be controlled. The easiest way to do that is to use our new air cleaner TAC 750 E. Not only is it the most lightweight air cleaner of its class, but it is also very easy to use. Attach hose (if required) and switch on — that's it.

Air purification made easy

Developed specifically as a vacuum generator for small dust-laden rooms, the TAC 750 E with effective 2-stage filter system ensures reliable HEPA filtration of the contaminated room air for protection against health hazards and dirt.

Since the air volume for the TAC 750 E can be infinitely adjusted, the air can always be adjusted according to the required air exchange rate. For pinpoint suction, a 203-mm hose connector is integrated in the device, while a 127-mm adapter is available as an option. So you can choose to use the TAC 750 E in sealed off rooms in recirculation mode or outside to maintain the vacuum via hose connection.

In addition to G4, F7 and H13 filters, a special overspray filter is also available for the TAC 750 E. The air cleaner is therefore also perfectly suitable for overspray extraction in airless or compressed-air applications.

The solution for air purification at smaller construction areas

The TAC 750 E does not only stand for professional quality "made in Germany" in original Trotec manufacture, this air cleaner is also as durable and powerful as lightweight and compact because it is made of high-quality components and has an impact-resistant and robust ABS housing. It fits into every type of boot and can be easily transported from one construction site to the next.