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Distance Meter BD26

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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Measurement within seconds - The BD26 Laser Distance Meter

A top product of our new measurements series

No more complicated handling with a yardstick, no tangled tape measure, no measuring error: The new BD26 Laser Distance Meter from Trotec measures within seconds distances up to 120 metres and calculates areas and volume. Thereby it is pretty easy to handle.  The device features a high degree of functionality including a 90° tilt sensor for measuring distances, heights and partial heights indirectly even past obstacles. Thanks to the 3-point Pythagoras functions you can determine distances, surfaces or volumes in a quick and precise way.

Even if every setting needs an own button, the handling of the Laser Distance Meter is in spite of the extensive function features extremely uncomplicated. It determines comfortable and fast the measurement values even at areas difficult to access, and because of the always accurate results it can ideally calculate the need of working material like paint, parquet flooring or tiles. By the switchable illumination of the multiline display the measurement values can always be read off the display, even in dark rooms like construction areas. The robust measurement device is dust and splash proof (according to IP54) – especially for the harsher requirements in this field.

Quality, equipment and price are right – as usual!

With a measuring accuracy of ± 1.5 mm and its light and easy handling the new BD26 Laser Distance Meter let you forget about the bulky classic measurements with yardstick or measuring tape, real fast. And just like any other device from Trotec, this Distance Meter is your ideal new measuring instrument - with high quality and appropriate equipment as well as an optimal price-performance ratio.