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The ozone meter OZ‑ONE of Trotec brand quality
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Ozone meter OZ‑ONE

Professional ozone meter with enhanced climate measuring functions

OZ‑ONE – the name says it all:

The first ozone meter that makes mobile professional ozone measurement technology affordable.

Whether naturally generated near the ground or created by technology, even low ozone concentrations in the ambient air have a high damage potential. The compliance with uncritical ozone limit values is therefore not only imperative for health protection, but in many countries clearly regulated and required by law.

With the ozone meter OZ‑ONE you have the ideal testing instrument for a quick and precise check or the long-term detection of ozone concentrations in the ambient air.

The OZ‑ONE is characterized by a minor cross-sensitivity to other gases or VOCs and impresses with quick, highly accurate measurement results even at very low ozone concentrations.

Many integrated functions such as the ozone zero adjustment, the reference value measuring option for short-term exposure limit (STEL) and time-weighted average (TWA) or the value display switchable from ppm to µg/m³ and vice versa make the quickly responding OZ‑ONE an indispensable tool for precise ozone exposure measurements.

Moreover, this device is a compact portable environmental measuring device for the determination of air temperature and humidity or the calculation of dew point and wet-bulb temperature. The dual display of this measuring device always shows you two measured values at a time visible at one glance.

For long-term measurements the OZ‑ONE can also be attached to a tripod. In addition, the measuring device houses both a mini USB port and a barrel-type 9 V coaxial power socket. These ports permit a continuous mains operation as alternative to the battery-powered application. Last but not least, to ensure a mobile power supply via the mini USB port the OZ‑ONE may also be connected to a powerbank.

The ozone meter OZ‑ONE is qualified for manifold possible applications:

  • workplace measurements in trade and industry
  • environmental analyses
  • examination of production environments
  • limit monitoring after having used ozone generators for odour neutralization or disinfection, e.g. in the hotel trade and for fire and water damage restoration
For long-term measurements the OZ‑ONE can also be attached to a tripod and – as alternative to battery operation – it can be permanently powered by the mains supply.
Allows tripod mounting and mains operation
The backlit LCD display of the OZ‑ONE simultaneously indicates two parameters that can also be read in poorly illuminated surroundings.
Backlit, easy-to-read LCD
The OZ‑ONE is optimally suited for limit monitoring after ozonization applications, e.g. for water damage restoration, car valeting or the disinfection of hotel rooms.
Ideal for limit monitoring after ozone treatments

Facts worth knowing about ozone measurements using the OZ‑ONE

The nature of ozone

Ozone (chemical symbol: O₃) is a natural component of the upper atmospheric layer, where solar irradiation causes the formation of an ozone molecule from three bonded oxygen atoms. Ozone is unstable, which is why it quickly decomposes to dimeric oxygen again.

Within the Earth's atmosphere, it protects all the living things on our planet from an excessive exposure to UV radiation. Ground-level ozone, on the other hand, is an aggressive irritant gas for us humans. It is formed by photochemical smog reactions in the outside air when exposed to intense sunlight.

Starting with an ozone concentration of 40 µg/m³ the smell can be perceived as something between acrid or pungent and similar to chlorine. Such cases come with a risk of health impairments including an irritation of the mucous membranes in throat, pharynx and bronchia as well as headaches, coughs or an irritation of the eyes.

Due to these ozone-related health hazards it is recommended to use ozone meters that already attain precision at low thresholds – even for checking the compliance with defined limit values. The OZ‑ONE can impress with a high sensitivity at very low concentrations and unlike most competition models it can directly display the ozone concentration in µg per m³ of air.

Commercial and industrial usage of ozone

Ozone is a very powerful oxidising agent and the world's second most powerful disinfectant. For this reason, ozone created by technology is chiefly used for the purification of drinking water, the sterilization and treatment of pool water, the water preparation for the food and beverage industry or the conditioning of cooling and process water.

Another possible application of ozone is bleaching, e.g. paper or textiles. Ozone can further be created when using UV light for industrial drying processes.

Specialized service providers make use of mobile ozone generators to eliminate odours after water or fire damage and to neutralize disagreeable smells in a smoker's car or as part of the car valeting of pre-owned vehicles.

Wherever ozone is produced, you can use the ozone meter OZ‑ONE as reliable monitoring tool to make sure that the maximum allowable concentration is observed.

Compliance with ozone limit values

Seeing as ozone is not only an important gas for industrial applications, but at the same time also an oxidative irritant gas with harmful effects on eyes, nose, pharynx and lungs even at low concentrations, it is especially important to determine and observe defined limit values.

By international standards the MAC thresholds for handling ozone vary between 0.05 and 0.1 ppm (STEL ¹). In outdoor areas the typical exposure limit (TWA ²) for ground-level ozone amounts to 120 µg/m³.

Using the ozone meter OZ‑ONE both parameters can quickly be determined. If required, the measurement value display can simply be adjusted at the push of a button from ppm to micrograms per cubic metre or vice versa.

The electrochemical sensor ³ of the OZ‑ONE is characterized by a high accuracy especially at low ozone levels, as a result even minor concentrations beneath the risk threshold can be detected reliably.

¹ Short-Term Exposure Limit; ² Time-Weighted Average; ³ Electrochemical sensors are wear products and subject to a continuous aging process from the date of manufacture. For this reason, Trotec uses particularly durable sensors with a typical lifetime of two years and with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase throughout Europe.

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Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Quick and precise determination even of low ozone concentrations
  • Indication of the measured ozone value in ppm or µg/m³
  • Fast response time
  • Minor cross-sensitivity to VOCs
  • Ozone zero adjustment function
  • Ozone reference value measurement (STEL/TWA)
  • Atmospheric pressure offset for high-precision standard cubic metre measurements
  • Measuring air temperature and humidity
  • Calculating dew point and wet-bulb temperature
  • Offset adjustment for air temperature and humidity
  • Data hold, MAX/MIN and alarm function
  • Display illumination
  • ¼ inch threading for tripod connection
  • In addition to battery operation also permits mains operation for non-stop measurements
  • Energy-saving automatic switch-off
  • Incl. calibration certificate


OZ-ONE Ozone Meter incl. Calibration Certificate show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 3.510.006.110
Ozone (O3) [ppm]
  Max. measured value  | ozone (O3) [ppm] 1
  Min. measured value  | ozone (O3) [ppm] 0
  Accuracy [ppm] | ozone (O3) [ppm] <� 0.1 ppm: ± 0.02 ppm or ± 10 % of the current measured value
Ozone (O3) [µg/m³]
  Min. measured value  | ozone (O3) [µg/m³] 0
  Max. measured value [µg/m³] | ozone (O3) [µg/m³] (text) 1.996 (at 20 °C and 1.013 hPa)
  Accuracy [µg/m³] | ozone (O3) [µg/m³] <� 200 µg/m³: ± 40 µg/m³ or ± 10 % of the current measured value
Air temperature [°C]
  Min. measuring range | Air temperature [°C] 0
  Max. measuring range | Air temperature [°C] 50
  Resolution [°C] 0.1
  Accuracy ± | Air temperature [°C] 0.6
Air temperature [°F]
  Min. measuring range | Air temperature [°F] 32
  Max. measuring range | Air temperature [°F] 122
  Resolution [°F] 0.1
  Accuracy ± | Air temperature [°F] 1.2
Relative humidity (%)
  Min. measuring range | Relative humidity [%] 0
  Max. measuring range | Relative humidity [% RH] 99.9
  Resolution | Relative humidity [%] 0.1
  Accuracy 0 % - 10 % [%] 5
  Accuracy 10 % - 70 % [%] 3
  Accuracy 70 % - 99.9 % [%] 5
Device control
  Push buttons
Housing design
Power supply
  Internal (battery) – 4 x AAA 1.5 V
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
  Measuring device
  Operating manual
  Calibration certificate
  Transport bag
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
  Ozone (O3) [ppm]
  Air temperature [°C]
  Air temperature [°F]
  Relative humidity [%]
Functions and features
  Maximum value display
  Minimum value display
  Time-weighted average (8h)
  Short-term exposure limit (15 min)
  Dew point indication
  Wet-bulb temperature indication
  Measured value hold function
  Display illumination
  Alarm function
  Automatic switch-off
  °C/°F switching

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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