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Revolutionizing tent and hall heating

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Revolutionizing tent and hall heating

Heatbox enables energy savings of up to 70 %

Electric heaters are justifiably the favourites when it comes to heating tents and hall accommodations. Easy and clean to handle, quiet during operation. And from now on also sensationally low-priced – thanks to the Heatbox, a revolutionary innovation from Trotec.

The Heatbox is a weatherproof construction specially developed for tent heating with electric heaters from Trotec. The box has an integrated mixing controller by use of which the amount of fresh and recirculation air in the heating air can be modified. Moreover, the box is fitted with all necessary supply and exhaust air hose connectors required for mixed recirculation operation. This enables a variable and stepless adjustment depending on the application requirements – from 100 % of fresh air, for example for inhabited tents, up to 100 % of recirculation air for storage tents.

The advantages are perfectly obvious: instead of permanently heating up cold fresh air from outside to the required degree of heat, which requires an excessive energy input and entails high costs, the recirculation mode allows to add a certain amount of preheated air from inside the tent. When using the body warmth of persons in the tent, for example, the energy demand can be reduced by up to 70 %.

Heatbox – functional principles and saving potentials 

For every application scenario – inhabited or uninhabited tents and halls – the mixing ratio of warm regeneration and fresh outside air can be determined steplessly depending on your needs. Thus it is possible to create a conceivably improved indoor climate. The more warm regeneration air is used, the lower the required heating capacity and the higher the energy savings – as our example graphics illustrate: 

  • Example A shows a “conventional“ heating scenario. The mixing controller is set to 0 % of recirculation air, which means that only outdoor air, having a temperature of 0 °C, is used for heating. When set to the maximum heating level 4 (18 kW), the electric heating device generates hot air with a temperature of 38 °C, which heats the tent up to approx. 20 °C.
  • In example B the mixing controller is set to 100 % of recirculation air – only regeneration air is used for heating. Since hot air is now generated by means of preheated air, the usable heating capacity is considerably higher. Once the target temperature has been reached, the device can therefore be switched from the highest heating level to one or two levels below.
  • Example C shows a 50 % mixed operation with outside and regeneration air. Even when switched down to heating level 3 (13.5 kW), the use of 50 % of heated regeneration air allows to heat up the tent more than in example A with fresh air only – this corresponds to energy savings of 33 %.
  • Example D demonstrates a 50 % mixed operation yielding roughly the same heating result at heating level 2 (9 kW) as is achieved in example A with the highest heating level and 100 % of fresh air, which corresponds to a 66 % reduction of energy consumption.

Recirculation set for fresh air supply for indoor use of electric heaters

Inhabited accommodations must be regularly supplied with fresh air. When heating with electric heaters positioned indoors, ventilation via doors and windows entails unpleasant concomitants, such as draught and humidity problems. The recirculation set, however, allows to establish a controlled fresh air supply without negative side effects.

Installing is conceivably easy: The two-piece set consists of a T-distributor and an adapter, which can be screwed on to the back plate of the heating devices TEH 70 or TEH 100. One suction nozzle of the T-distributor is fitted with an air hose, which is led to the outside of the tent. Via the second nozzle, regeneration air from the room is sucked in. Thanks to an integrated controller, the mixing ratio can be infinitely adjusted.

The Heatbox and the recirculation set are available both for purchase in the Trotec shop and for rent in the TKL rental portal.

You can rely on our expertise in all matters concerning the purchase or rental of mobile heating solutions. Our consultants will be pleased to inform and advise you about our professional heating devices including necessary accessories. For purchase requests give us a call at +49 2452 962-400, for rent requests dial +49 2452 962-160.