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Particle counter for air quality measurements
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Particle counter for air quality measurements

Mobile laser particle counters are the ideal solution for monitoring, securing and assessing the air quality.

BQ30 particle measuring device
Particle counter PC220
Particle counter PC200

Measuring device for precise control of air quality

The ergonomically shaped particle counters PC200 and PC220 reliably detect problematic concentrations and sources of hazardous particles in interior spaces, ventilation systems or in the industrial production. In addition to measuring the air quality, the mobile particle counters also determine all relevant environmental climate parameters such as the humidity level, air temperature, dew point and wet-bulb temperature. The integrated digital camera allows you to document the measuring environment on photos and videos. The functional variety of these mobile, ISO-21501-4-compliant measuring instruments is rounded off by the integrated data logger for the long-term recording of measurement data.

Possible applications of the laser particle counters PC200 and PC220

Indoor air quality measurements: Healthy room and breathing air is essential for your well-being at home or at the workplace. Productivity suffers when the air is contaminated with pollutants (aerosols, dust, soot and bacteria). An optimum air quality, on the other hand, promotes people's efficiency and creates a productive working climate. Trotec's particle counters PC200 and PC220 determine pollutant concentrations in the air that exceed the limit values as well as their sources – at the workplace or at home. Used for quality assurance, the integrated data logger documents the compliance with statutory regulations (limit values).

Prevention in the field of process engineering: In the industrial production technical cleanliness is indispensable. Contaminations of the production environment with micro- and nanoparticles cause both visual and functional product defects. The laser particle counters PC200 and PC220 are the measuring devices of choice when it comes to the matter of prevention in the manufacturing process.

Technical facility management: Faulty or contaminated ventilation systems are often the cause of harmful air quality problems. Hence, German legislature stipulates regular maintenance. Air-conditioning technicians use the PC200 and the PC220 to determine the level of pollution in ventilation systems, to locate the source of pollution and to check the filter efficiency.

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