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Our accessory recommendation for hygienic humidifier use.

Up to 6 months long-term protection against germ, algae, mould and bacteria growth

From professionals for professionals: At Trotec, original accessories come completely from one source.

From professionals for professionals: At Trotec, original accessories come completely from one source.

Because we think from the big to the small and have everything in view. The result: Many user-friendly, intelligent details as useful accessory additions.

All Trotec humidifiers only require tap water for humidification and no distilled water, as is often the case with other devices. To avoid the growth of germs, algae, mould or bacteria and the associated formation of odours in the water reservoir of the humidifier, we recommend the additional use of suitable hygiene agents.

Choosing the optimum hygiene agent depends on water quality (lime content), effective evaporation performance and not least personal hygienic standards. In principle, the use of one hygiene agent is sufficient. 

Trotec descaler for air conditioners

SecoSan®: The convenient solution for safe water conservation

The SecoSan® Stick is simply placed in the water container and there keeps your drinking or domestic water free from germs for six months – certified by leading German testing institutes. The active SecoSan® agent meets the requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance and is perfectly neutral in taste.

LiQVit water hygiene agent to prevent the formation of germs, algae, mould or bacteria.

Just as the SecoSan® Stick, "LiQVit" as well serves to prevent microbial and algae growth. Furthermore, this hygiene agent also reduces water surface tension which results in an increased evaporation performance.

Trotec's descaler reliably protects household appliances with water tanks against calcification.

Lime deposits in hot water appliances do not only look highly unappealing but, for instance in case of coffee machines, also change the taste and lead to a significantly increased energy consumption. Calcified electronic devices consume up to 30 % more power since the heat first has to penetrate the limescale layer before it can heat the water. In order to save such energy, hot water appliances should be freed from lime residues on a regular basis – and thanks to the both environmentally friendly and low-priced liquid descaler from Trotec, this can be done easily.

To ensure a safe water quality and low maintenance costs in heavily dust‑containing and polluted room air, however, SecoSan® Stick and LiQVit should be used together.

Application examples:

A healthy indoor climate protects the whole family. Children in particular, with their not yet fully developed respiratory tracts, are susceptible to pathogens in the air.
LiQVit water hygiene agent to prevent the formation of germs, algae, mold or bacteria.
Your practical helper in the household: Quick and thorough descaling of e.g. kettles or steam irons.
Descaler: Practical in the household
Refreshingly clean water even when you're out and about: enjoy your coffee, tea or even your drinking water in the canister always free from germ formation or bacterial growth when camping.
SecoSan® also for on the road

An agreeable room climate ensured by the humidifiers from Trotec

Be it humidifier, evaporator or air washer – Trotec devices allow you to breathe freely after only a short period of use. Both models optimally regulate the humidity level, thus ensuring a healthier room climate and protecting your furniture, books, paintings or antiques from damage caused by too dry or too humid air.

However, to ensure safe water quality at low maintenance costs in a highly dusty and polluted indoor environment, SecoSan® Stick and LiQVit should be used in combination.