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TTW-S Wind Machines

The economic standard solution for mobile air circulation

Reliable and powerful air-circulation device also for small budgets

As the economic alternative to the TTW professional series, these drum fans are suited for the most diverse semi-professional air circulation tasks for indoors and outdoors alike.

The ready-to-connect wind machines of the TTW-S series have a robust, galvanized steel case with chassis, which supports the adjustable two-stage fan in an inclinable drum.

Thanks to the adjustable inclination angle, both TTW-S models can be variably aligned up to a vertical flow position. In this manner the air current can be directed specifically at high wall or ceiling sections.

Versatile drum fans for use on constructions sites, on stage, in the industry or agriculture:

  • Ventilation of marquees, industrial buildings and construction zones
  • Temporary support of cooling or heating systems
  • Theatrical ventilation on stage, at movie and photo sets
  • Accelerated drying of great water damage
  • Olfactory deaeration in agriculture and production

A few practical benefits:

  • A cost-saving option for semi-professional ventilation applications
  • Air circulation capacity to 32,400 m³ / h
  • Plug-in devices easy to handle
  • Adjustable inclination angle of the flow direction from horizontal to vertical position
  • Flexible change of location by means of carriage construction

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