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Table fans
Table fans
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Table fans

Fresh air guaranteed – thanks to table fans

TVE 11
TVE 15
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A table fan can be used for cooling all year round

Especially in the months of summer, when temperatures generally climb above the level of 25 degrees Celsius, we are constantly in need of a fresh breeze that provides cooling. A table fan sets the room air in motion so that the film of sweat on our skin evaporates faster. As a result, we feel refreshed and chilled. Moreover, the table fan can also be used in the cold season – whenever the stuffy heated air compromises our well-being. The table fan evenly distributes the warm air in the room and so ensures an agreeable room climate. By the way, the term “ventilation” is derived from the Latin word “ventilare”, which, loosely translated, means something like “to generate wind”. 

The compact dimensions of a table fan allow for its mobile application, e.g. in the office, bedroom or camper van. Since the space requirements are fairly insignificant, it can easily fit onto the desk or a small shelf. What is more, the table fan is characterized by a minor current consumption and a very good value-for-money ratio. 

A table fan as an alternative to a pedestal fan

A table fan is the perfect alternative for everyone who just doesn’t have enough room for a pedestal fan. Whilst the pedestal fan is always positioned on the floor, the table fan requires only very little floor space, hence it also fits on a table, sideboard or shelf. Furthermore, table fans are characterized by a secure footing and uncomplicated start-up. 

Also when compared to a pedestal fan, table fans can score with their ultra-silent operation, which in fact renders them suitable for use in the bedroom; we particularly recommend our models TVE 8, TVE 9, TVE 10 and TVE 11 running as quietly as a whisper. Especially during the hot season with the oppressive, muggy night air keeping you from going to the land of Nod, these models quickly provide cooling in children’s rooms and bedrooms.

What is a table fan?

TVE 15 / TVE 17

A table fan is also referred to as continuous-flow or turbo-machine. It comes equipped with an impeller to which rotor blades have been mounted. At the push of a button the impeller with the rotor blades begins to rotate. Therefore, a table fan does not produce cold air, it generates an air current that we perceive as chilly and refreshing. If the skin is covered with a thin film of sweat, this effect is additionally enhanced. 

Performance characteristics of table fans:

  • Can be applied flexibly in any interior space
  • Extremely silent
  • Several speed levels
  • Oscillation function
  • Modern design
  • Optimum value-for-money ratio

Important criteria to bear in mind when purchasing a table fan

There are a few criteria you might want to take into consideration when purchasing a table fan to make sure you find precisely the model that meets your needs. First, think about where you want to position the table fan. Depending on the space available on the desk, shelf or bedside cabinet it might also be advisable to first compare the dimensions of the various devices carefully.

On top of that, the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the performance are well worth looking into. Above all, the capacity, usually given in watts, says something about the power consumption. The lower the wattage, the more energy you can save. Our fans TVE 10 and TVE 11 come with a capacity of 25 W, hence they can easily provide you with fresh air without bleeding you white. To make sure you can regulate the velocity and intensity of the air flow, each table fan of this series has several speed levels. If you want to ventilate larger rooms, the Trotec table fans TVE 15 and TVE 17 are the correct choice. These models come with 40 watts of power and feature a high level of performance and energy efficiency. Owing to the perfectly calibrated fan blades the fans of the Trotec TVE series are also agreeably quiet during operation. Moreover, you’ll benefit from a secure footing that prevents tipping over as well as from an overheating protection (except in case of the TVE 1). Convenient: The metal grids are detachable to permit the simple cleaning of your Trotec table fans.

For whom is a USB table fan best suited?

If you choose an inclinable table fan, you can individually adjust the device to your needs. This is particularly advantageous, when the table fan is positioned somewhat higher on a shelf and you want to distribute fresh air evenly in the entire room. Additionally helpful for this purpose is the oscillation function, also referred to as pan function. A table fan equipped with this function performs a horizontal swivel motion which ensures a consistent, uniform ventilation.

Due to its high degree of flexibility, the USB-powered fan TVE 1 can also be used perfectly while you are on the move.
TVE 1 USB-powered fan, application on the go
Despite its high air flow rate the blower’s operation is silent enough so as not to interrupt your train of thought.
TVE 1 USB-powered fan, night-time application
Whether in the office or home office, the TVE 1 USB fan is a good choice in every respect.
TVE 1 USB fan, office application
The TVE 1 is an ideal companion on vacation, thanks to its compact design it can be easily stowed away.
TVE 1 USB fan, vacation application


If you are looking for a high-performance fan with minor space requirements, then our table fans will definitely meet your taste and expectations. The handy devices can supply you with a refreshing breeze at any time and impress with their user-friendliness, stability and high-quality workmanship.