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Lots of space for new perspectives.

Trotec continues to grow and focuses on sustainability: our state-of-the-art logistics and production centre in Heinsberg.

The new Trotec logistics and production centre

We’re planning great things.

Working in a modern, spacious and, above all, sustainable environment? The Trotec logistics and production hall sets standards. It is a strong statement in favour of Heinsberg as a business location and is an impressive continuation of Trotec's successful and dynamic expansion trajectory.

The 12-hectare site in the immediate vicinity of the Oberbruch industrial park is home to high-bay warehouses, production halls, office spaces and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. The numerous loading gates enable almost simultaneous loading and unloading. Enough space for Trotec's constantly growing product range, for dedicated employees and, above all, for innovative ideas.

Sustainability is one of our top priorities.

Sustainability is also of utmost importance. The roof surface of 50,000 m² will be equipped with solar collectors. The natural energy produced in this way will suffice to supply a number of approx. 2,000 households in the surrounding area in the future. Of course the logistics centre itself will also be supplied by the electricity produced. Sustainability is a top priority at Trotec – we supply ourselves and others. This conscientious commitment is certified and subsidised by the European Union. Moreover, the design of our new logistics and production centre ensures that your working environment will be ergonomic and flooded with daylight. Modern industrial trucks as well as hardware and software solutions of the latest generation will make the employees’ daily work routine even more efficient and reduce physical strains. On the whole, this promises to be the ideal environment for contemporary working and joint success.

Sustainability is one of our top priorities.

Our success: Climate neutral by 2023

With the logistics and production centre, Trotec achieved its goal of being climate-neutral as early as of 2023. Fossil energy is avoided 100 per cent in the cooling and heating of the premises. Instead, energy-saving heat pumps ensure sustainable and resource-saving air conditioning of the building. CO2 emissions in production and logistics are minimised and the ecological footprint is significantly reduced. However, this is just the beginning in terms of driving sustainability forward. For all future projects both in Germany and abroad, a sustainability strategy with high standards will be developed. What has begun in Heinsberg will then be implemented in all Trotec subsidiaries worldwide.

Charging stations for electric vehicles

In the years to come, Trotec’s vehicle fleet will be increasingly electrified. Whether for employees, customers, technicians or suppliers – charging stations on the company premises will support the mobility transition in the region.

Remanufacturing of returned goods

Trotec also focuses on sustainability when it comes to waste prevention. Returned items from our online mail order trade are thoroughly checked by us and in the majority of cases are refurbished. The products that are made fit for sale again in this way are sold in our stationary Trotec STORE & OUTLET or online in the OUTLET-Shop. This saves valuable raw materials, CO2 and resources. Products that can no longer be resold are disassembled and supplied to the recycling loop.

In 2023, Trotec will be 100 % climate-neutral

In 2023,
Trotec will be 100 %

We're converting our vehicle fleet to electric

We're converting
our vehicle fleet
to electric

Returned items are refurbished and put back into circulation

Returned items
are refurbished and
put back into circulation

Sustainability means acting responsibly in an economical, ecological and social way.

It is the objective of our economically, ecologically and socially responsible conduct to improve people’s quality of life and safeguard the means of livelihood for today’s generation and for future generations. With the new logistics and production centre, we’re reinforcing our commitment to climate protection and we’ll reach the goal of going climate-neutral by 2023 and of reducing our ecological footprint.

Your job at Trotec

Your prospects at Trotec – apply now! 

For the successful start in the new mega hall we need motivated employees from all fields. Warehouse, production, research, development, IT or administration – at Trotec there is lots to do. Our growth brings about a variety of interesting challenges which we are mastering together in the team. We are looking for people who want to set things in motion with Trotec – experienced professionals as well as qualified beginners.

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