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Flat-roofed work tent 250 KE
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Flat-roofed tent 250 K

6.25 m² of floor space provide a flexible tent for medical supply and for working safely

Flat-roofed tent 250 KE – universally applicable!

A tent for nearly every kind of application – indoors and outdoors

Pitched in a matter of seconds, the work tent 250 K with its large 6.25 m² working surface offers plenty of freedom of movement with an optimum tent height at the same time. Additionally, the almost vertical side walls allow for maximum usability of the tent interior.

These are features of all tents of the K series:

The work tents of the K series are made of waterproof, lightfast and weather-resistant PVC fabric. They provide effective protection against rain and cold, especially for cable network or installation work, and enable uninterrupted working in bad weather. The insulated tent cloth is double-sewn, easy to clean and can even be disinfected with chemical disinfectants. If required, Trotec includes special electric heaters in your order, such as the TEH 70, the TEH 100, the TDE 95 for heating interior spaces. This also applies to special dehumidifiers such as the TTR 400 D or the TTR 500 D for drying indoor air by means of circulation.

Bad weather protection outdoors, work and supply tent indoors

The tents of the K series can also be highly recommended for a mobile indoor use. Examples are restoration or maintenance works in shopping centres with public traffic. Other application purposes are medical isolation wards in hospitals, emergency camps or rescue service operations and civil protection. For hygiene-sensitive application purposes, all tents can be supplied with a TAC air cleaner and the high-efficiency HEPA particulate air filter (H14) to create a virus-free and perfectly hygienical air quality.

Equipped with all the necessary technology, available in all kinds of special versions

Even the standard versions of all tents of the K series in white, yellow, blue and red offer more comfort and equipment than comparable solutions of other manufacturers.

Available sizes

Type Length Width Height
180x250 K 250 cm 180 cm 200 cm
210 K 210 cm 210 cm 200 cm
250 K 250 cm 250 cm 200 cm
Product brochure Tents – working sheltered (DE)


Whether on the construction site or for emergency services - you can also find all the relevant information about our work tents and privacy screens in the product brochure. Download the PDF directly here.

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Use in the medical sector
Space-saving set-up
Use with air cleaner

Tents of the K series for medical operations

Hospitals, rescue services and crisis intervention teams all over the world use our tents of the K series to care for patients and to set up temporary emergency stations in epidemic emergency areas.

Use as mobile coronavirus testing station / swabbing station

In order to test all suspected cases showing symptoms of a disease (such as SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or COVID-19) and to simultaneously relieve hospitals and medical practices in an efficient way, tents of the K series are used as mobile coronavirus testing stations in many places. For the swab collection, persons who are possibly infected approach the tent closely in their car. The medical personnel will take the test through the open car window. The samples are stored in the inside of the tent. The weatherproof tents with supply openings for heating devices will always guarantee that the operation can be carried out, regardless of weather and cold outside temperatures.

Isolation / shielding tents with air cleaner and H14 virus filter (HEPA)

In order to ensure perfect hygienic conditions in care and supply areas in hospitals, nursing stations and emergency camps or to minimise the infection risk caused by highly infectious viruses for particularly endangered patients during the epidemical crisis, the tents of the K series are also available as isolation tents with TAC air cleaner and H14 high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA).

Working and treatment areas free from germs and viruses

The TAC air cleaner with H14 high-efficiency particulate air filter (connected to the supply opening) creates an atmospheric overpressure or an atmospheric depression in the tent's inside, depending on your individual requirements. The TAC will then filter the sucked-in air that is contaminated with germs with an efficiency of 99.995 %. Or in other words: Of 100,000 suspended particles in the air, only 5 particles will get past the high-efficiency air filter. This way, viruses spread through the air will be filtered in a highly efficient way. This protects the patient on the one hand, on the other, it prevents viruses from getting out of the isolation tent into the outside ambient air.

Versatile application options:

  • Supply tent (in emergency accommodations and camps)
  • Isolation tent (with HEPA air purification)
  • Decontamination tent (with Trotec high-performance air purifier)
  • Medical tent
  • Triage tents
  • Coronavirus testing station

Tents of the K series for protection against rain and cold outdoors

During construction and installation work outdoors, the tents of the K series will provide shelter from rain and weather for a variety of sectors and applications, all year long and with additional heating solutions, if required.

Work tent for earthworks and installation activities

When used on construction sites, a tent of the K series convinces with its extreme robustness protecting from wind, weather and cold – all year long! Bursting water pipes concerning the jurisdiction of the municipal utilities, damaged underground cables of the local energy supplier but also distribution networks of the telephone provider require rapid action in the event of a failure at any time of the year in order to restore the availability of water, electricity or the internet and to minimize consequential damage.

Protection against weather

While carrying out such work, the tent ensures to protect the working area from weather. This is indispensable, especially during electrical work performed at the cable distribution cabinets of municipal utilities. Moreover, the tent serves as a shelter for all necessary technology, working material and technicians and protects from rain, wind and weather. Independent from the current weather situation, diverse working activities can be performed with a tent of the KE series and an additional heating device, if required.

Protection tent for working at high temperatures

Carrying out welding work outdoors is a real challenge for many industries – though not for a tent of the K series as it will imposingly demonstrate its abilities, like it will for many other application options. The fabric of the water-repellent tent is flame-retardant to temperatures up to 500 °C. That's why it withstands even the highest temperatures that prevail during welding work.

To ensure a secure fixation on nearly all grounds and to guarantee an uninterrupted workflow and working progress even under the most severe wind conditions, Trotec offers professional fastening accessories for all tents. Custom-made models such as rail fixations in order to attach magnets safely on rails are just as available as individually manufactured solutions.

Versatile application options:

  • Work tent for road construction and electrical works and for works on waste water and pipes
  • Assembly work tent for maintenance and inspection works
  • Shelter from wind and weather for the building industry
  • Quick set-up tent for welding works
  • Storage tent for materials and equipment
250 K – laying of pipelines
250 K – underground construction work
250 K – terminal box
250 K at events

Always ready for use: Suitable for operations and providing weather protection

Large groups of people as at Fridays for Future demonstrations, the G20 Summit, at concerts and large-scale sports events always require an appropriately sized weather protection in addition to the numerous emergency personnel on site. This ensures to protect material and equipment, but also serves as a weatherproof shelter for the operations manager, the staff or the press spokesperson. 

The next operation will come for sure, whereas it can never be sure that the local circumstances provide sufficient protection from weather for the expensive and delicate equipment. Rain and snow are as harmful to the equipment as dust inclusions, dirt or high solar radiation which results in the technology heating up. Moreover, the emergency personnel must have the option to be provisioned with food during long operations at a central point. These are numerous good reasons for the universal application of our K tents.

If every second counts... Pitched in a matter of seconds

Thanks to the innovative fibreglass clamping system, the quick-to-pitch tents of the K series are ready to be used in a matter of seconds. This makes them ideal for any kind of big event or emergency situation. The intuitive handling of the folding tents makes introductions or training courses superfluous. In no time, the tent can be pitched by only one person at the site of operation, and dismounted and compactly stowed away in the emergency vehicle just as quickly. 

Needless to say, special designs in signal colours can be accomplished just as well as an individual print on the tent cloth can be.

Events running smoothly with the tents of the K series

Whether you use it as supply station next to the running track, as medical tent at the finish line or as wind, weather and sun protection in the transition zone of a triathlon course: at sports events, the Trotec tents of the K series will always provide a smooth running! Event organisers appreciate the uncomplicated handling on the one hand and the compact dimensions of the folded K tents on the other. In the off-season, the conveniently packed tents can be stored without any problems. During the season, you can simply keep them inside the material vehicle in order to accomplish spontaneous operations without any difficulty.

From start to finish line – optimally equipped for maximum athletic performances! 

Versatile application options:

  • Work tents for police, fire brigade, agencies for technical relief and aid organisations
  • Weather and sun protection for material and equipment on site
  • Supply station during sports events
  • Wind, weather and sun protection in the transition zone of triathlon events

Special designs for individualists

When it comes to special designs, we can always give a clear response: "Everything is possible!". This answer is not an empty phrase – see our large number of special designs for globally renowned companies. Whether you would like to have "your tent" in a special colour matching your corporate design or equipped with additional hatch windows and supply openings: We'll deliver your customised tent in almost any version or size!

Exemplary individualised versions:

Matching your corporate design: This comprises the logo imprint as well as the corporate colours – everything is possible!

Additional visual hatch windows: Need maximum daylight for your application purpose? No problem! Additional window modules can be integrated anywhere on the tent wall!

Variable tent entrances and exits: A walking-through passage tent version (with entrance and additional exit) is just as possible as triangular shaped doors and other models.

Supply openings: At request, we are happy to integrate one or more ventilation openings anywhere you like.

The right tent for each sector and application: Here you will find application examples of our tent solutions from real life.

250 K – special model fully transparent
250 K – special model corporate logo
250 K – special model triangular window
Flat-roofed construction tent 250 K

Convincing in the field:

  • 6.25 m² working surface protected from wind and weather
  • Stably set up by only one person in only a few seconds
  • Quickly ready for use with suitable accessories in every place and in every weather
  • Space-saving and easily stowed away in a compact carry bag
  • Can be brought along in any emergency vehicle
  • Easiest handling, no training required
  • Supply opening for heaters, dehumidifiers and air cleaners
  • Easy to clean and to disinfect (suitable for high-pressure cleaning)
  • Wide range of available models, a variety of colours, individually configurable

Pitched in a matter of seconds

Unpack, set up – and you're done!

Setting up the tent only requires one person. The tent can be erected in just a few simple steps in less than one minute. The set-up process is designed so easily and intuitively that you can completely do it without any time-consuming and complicated introduction.

The tent will stand on its own immediately.

The practical fibreglass rod system directly supply internal stability to the tent by the flexible quick-action aluminium ball joint discs and therefore provide for self-sufficient and secure footing. Depending on the wind force and ambient situation, the screen can additionally be fixed by means of optimally suited accessories.

Quickly wrapped up again.

Once the operation has been completed successfully, the tent can be wrapped up into the transport bag as uncomplicatedly and quickly as it has been set up before – well protected and conveniently stowed until its next use!

If you need any further information regarding our work and assembly tents, we'll be glad to assist and advise you. Benefit from our longstanding experience, we offer comprehensive, individual and tailor-made consultation to meet your special application.

Flat-roofed tent 250 K – quick and simple to pitch
Flat-roofed tent 250 K – quick and simple to pitch
Flat-roofed tent 250 K – quick and simple to pitch
Flat-roofed tent 250 K – quick and simple to pitch
Flat-roofed tent 250 K – quick and simple to pitch

Well thought-out and perfected: The flat-roofed tent 250 K in detail

250 K – variable entrance

Spacious tent entrance

Individually fixable: Depending on how you would like to protect yourself from weather, glaring sunlight or prying eyes in the interior of the tent, you can flexibly adjust the entrance width with the centrally located zip. When closed halfway, the tent is still supplied with sufficient fresh air via the existing opening. When closed completely, the tent offers reliable protection against wind and rain.

250 K – best workmanship

Highest manufacturing quality

Field-tested: The particularly robust material quality of the Trotec tents meets the highest standards for professional use. All details have already proven their worth on many occasions in practice and are well thought out. Both the opaque white PVC fabric and the coloured PVC tarpaulin convince with their high wear resistance and strength. The particularly light fibreglass frame provides for stability, optimal handling and a quick set-up. Thanks to the robust metal feet the tents are positioned on firm ground in every situation.

250 K – supply opening

Supply opening

Open to anything: To insert (supply) pipes or hoses into the tent interior, the rear wall can be opened up to the centre by means of the zip fastener. Ideally suited for e.g. connecting a heating device, an air cleaner or a dehumidifier.

Connection of tents

Connection of tents

Double working surface: Every construction site is individual and some applications (such as work in manholes) require additional protected working space. This is why all tents of the K series are already equipped with a tent connection system in the standard version. This means that two tents can be connected to form a rainproof tent in just a few steps, if necessary.

250 K – robust zip fasteners

Protected zip fasteners and tight seams

Robust and rain-proof: High-quality zip fasteners are used exclusively to ensure a trouble-free and frequent use. Thanks to a Velcro cover, water cannot enter and the zip fasteners are protected from rain. The material connection areas and fabric transitions of the entire tent are tightly sewn or solidly welded.

250 K – lightfast fabric

Lightfast and flame-retardant sheet

Colours can be distinguished in the inside of the tent: The tarp is made of high-quality, coated PVC fabric. This ensures the lightfastness for safe working inside the tent without tiring and is important for the quick colour recognition of multi-coloured wiring looms. Moreover, the flame-retardant sheet meets the fire prevention requirements.

250 K – reflective strips

Reflective strips

Safety first! To ensure that the site of operation is not only shielded but also well visible in the dark, a silver-grey reflective strip is provided on the outer wall. This makes it possible, for example for vehicle drivers, to see with their vehicle's headlights from a far distance that a work tent has been pitched. The glistering reflective strap is tightly sewn to the sheet.

250 K – foot strip

Practical foot strip

Minor detail with major effect: The foot strip which is tightly sewn to the bottom edge allows for easy and quick set-up of the tent. The flysheet can be securely fixed to the ground with the foot and by pressing in the flexible aluminium ball joint disc, the crossed fibreglass rods open up easily and quickly on their own. This way, the tent can be erected by only one person in no time.

250 K – compact carry bag

Stored away with minimum space requirements

Things must be kept in order! The tent is stowed away compactly folded in the carry bag included in the scope of delivery. The durable PVC bag can be stowed away quickly and easily in any kind of transporter or emergency vehicle. Owing to its large carrying straps, the bag can be carried by one person in full work gear, for example also over the shoulder.

Optionally available fastening accessories for Trotec work tents

Whether you like to attach accessories on crash barriers, equipment parts, on smooth surfaces or in between cobblestones – the original Trotec accessories reliably serve for optimum stability in wind and weather conditions. You are even ideally prepared for various terrain and ground conditions. Tip: Just combine the various fastening solutions which will enable you to react appropriately to all kinds of situations.


Magnetic attachment, e.g. for crash barriers
Just attach it and you're done! In emergency situations, a variety of metallic surfaces can be perfectly utilized as a means of attachment. Simply fix the magnet attachment with its integrated tensioning strap eyelet to crash barriers, vehicles, machines, generators or to steel doors, pillars, bridge railings. The strong magnetic force provides for secure support. The size of the magnet attachment also perfectly matches the Trotec plate peg.

Plate peg

Plate pegs for spaces between cobblestones or soil
The plate pegs of robust metal are available in lengths of 20 cm and 40 cm. Just drive the solid pegs into the soil, into grassland, grass verges or into the joints of laid cobblestones. The angled shape of the peg tip exactly matches the crossed spaces of cobbles. Whether they are used alone or together with the magnet attachment that accurately matches the plate head – the plate pegs are a perfect attachment point for tensioning straps. 

Water bag

Water bags for reliable weighting
With the 2-metre water bag of heavy-duty PVC, the dirt-collecting edges or the T-feet of the telescopic rods can be weighted. This almost prevents toppling and blowing away to almost 100 %. The water bag is filled quickly and then has a weight of up to 20 kg. After using, just drain the water from the bag again and fold the empty bag in a compact and space-saving fashion. The water bag also supports the tensioning straps securely and without any complication.

Telescopic rod

Telescopic rods with T-foot for high stability
The high-quality stainless steel telescopic rods can be steplessly adjusted in height up to 2.20 m. Furthermore, the rod elements can also be fully disassembled. In this way, the rods can be easily and quickly inserted into the retaining straps of the tent. The T-feet with anti-slip hard rubber plugs provide additional stabilisation of the self-supporting work tents.

Tensioning strap

Tensioning straps for secure strapping
The 2.5 metre tensioning straps from Trotec are made of an extremely robust nylon-fabric. Whether they are fastened on tent pegs, crash barriers, canisters, vehicle eyelets, trees or tops of telescopic rods – with the steplessly adjustable tensioning straps, your tent can be fixed quickly and easily in every situation.

Suction cup

Suction cup holder for smooth surfaces
For smooth glass, plastics or metal surfaces, for example on vehicles, the suction cup holder provides a reliable and comfortable mounting option. The large lever can also be handled well by a person wearing work gloves. One downward movement of the lever suffices to fix the suction cup by means of vacuum. Now a tensioning strap can be hooked into the stable metal eyelet. The suction cup holder can also be removed again quickly, easily and cleanly. 

Technical data

Flat-roofed construction tent 250 K

Assembled tent: Length: 2.5 m x width: 2.5 m x height: 2.00 m
Surface: 6.25 m² of floor space
Roof: flat roof

The robust PVC fabric is lightfast, water-repellent and easy to clean and to disinfect. Grey reflective strips are provided all around the tent. Moreover, all zip fasteners and ventilation openings are protected with rain protection strips. The feet consist of metal.

Transport bag
Delivered with carrying bag
Weight: 14 kg (incl. tent)
Features: robust, compact, space-saving, easy-to-transport

Possible colour combinations

Individual sizes, corporate design models and further accessories are available on request.

250 K – dimensions
Trotec – your specialist for tents

Any questions or looking for personal consultation?

If you need any further information regarding our work and assembly tents, we'll be glad to assist and advise you. Benefit from our longstanding experience, we offer comprehensive, individual and tailor-made consultation to meet your special application.

Marc Pluijmaekers – your specialist for screen fences & tents

Telephone +49 2452 962-481

Flat-roofed tent 250 K – practical benefits:

  • Flexible supply and work tent in one
  • Set up by only one person in less than 1 minute
  • 2.5 m length, 2.5 m width, 2.00 m height
  • High stability, with accessories to be used even at high wind forces
  • Durable and opaque PVC fabric
  • Flame-retarding in compliance with DIN 4102 B1
  • Including a space-saving transport bag
  • Easy to clean and to disinfect
  • Individually customizable in colour and shape
  • Practical zip fasteners
  • Integrated supply openings
  • Integrated tent connection system
  • 6.25 m² of floor space
  • Weight: approx. 14 kg
Technical data by comparison

All assembly tents in direct comparison:

To find the assembly tent which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all tents from Trotec which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison


250 K Work Tent 250*250*200 cubic show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
  Pointed roof
  flat roof
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 2,500
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 2,500
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 2,000
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 26.2

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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