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LiQVit - Our accessory recommendation for hygienic humidifier use.

Up to 6 months long-term protection against germ, algae, mould and bacteria growth


Water hygiene agent to prevent the formation of germs, algae, mould or bacteria.

Just as the SecoSan® Stick, "LiQVit" as well serves to prevent microbial and algae growth. Furthermore, this hygiene agent also reduces water surface tension which results in an increased evaporation performance.

Due to the additional reduction of mineral deposits, the evaporation filter's lifetime can be extended as well. LiQVit is very yielding, an addition of one dosing cap (25 ml) is sufficient for 10 litres of water.

This exclusive Trotec product can be used in many ways:

  • Humidifier
  • Indoor fountain
  • Radiator evaporator
  • and many more...

Up to 6 months long-term protection against germ, algae, mould and bacteria growth

LiQVit for humidifiers
With the LiQVit you keep the water of the humidifier in the office or even at home free of germs and bacteria and only clean air is released into the room, which can be inhaled without hesitation.
LiQVit for indoor fountains
To keep your indoor fountain as beautiful as it is and to prevent the water from developing unpleasant odors due to bacteria, germs or even mold, simply add LiQVit to the water circuit.
LiQVit for radiator evaporators
Even the humid air that radiator evaporators emit into the room remains clean for up to 6 months thanks to the addition of LiQVit to the water tank.

A few practical benefits

  • Water pollution control "made in Germany" with unique operating principle
  • International patent
  • Meets the requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance
  • Six-month long-term protection against new microbial growth
  • Reliably prevents microbial, algae, mould and bacterial growth in potable and non-potable tap water
  • Self-dosing and self-regulating system – over- or underdosing is impossible
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Versatile range of applications Humidifiers, drinking and domestic water tanks, camping water jerry cans etc.

An agreeable room climate ensured by the humidifiers from Trotec

Be it humidifier, evaporator or air washer – Trotec devices allow you to breathe freely after only a short period of use. Both models optimally regulate the humidity level, thus ensuring a healthier room climate and protecting your furniture, books, paintings or antiques from damage caused by too dry or too humid air.

However, to ensure safe water quality at low maintenance costs in a highly dusty and polluted indoor environment, SecoSan® Stick and LiQVit should be used in combination.


LiQVit Hygiene Agent 1000 ml show in Trotec online shop

LiQVit Hygiene Agent 1000 ml

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