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Pedestal fans
Pedestal fans
Pedestal fans
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Pedestal fans

Providing a fresh breeze at the push of a button

TVE 26 S
TVM 18 S
TVE 24 S

Pedestal fans for refreshing coolness

Air-conditioning systems provide refreshment by means of an integrated cooling function. Fans can accomplish this by distributing the air in the room in a specific manner. And for a lower budget. Fans are the flexible all-rounders among the ventilation units and bring noticeable cooling relief in only a few minutes. A fresh, gentle breeze generated at the push of a button: Whilst a space-saving table fan achieves precisely accurate cooling at a short distance, the larger pedestal fan can cater for more extensive abodes.

Examples for this are the free-standing axial fans TVE 15 S (white) and TVE 17 S (black). Identical in design for all but their colour, they instantly leave a good impression from a standing position. Furthermore, the pedestal fan TVM 18 S can impress with high performance, a blade diameter of 18 inches (well over 45 cm) and a fan cage that can be inclined by up to 110°. Let yourself be thrilled by further extras such as its suitability for wall mounting, the convenient carrying handle and integrated cable winder. What's more, the telescopic rod of the TVM 18 S can be extended and so adjusted in height, hence it can provide sufficient cooling in large rooms even at peak temperatures. A pedestal fan with retro charm and a long lifetime. The TVE series – all highly efficient pedestal fans – to be completed by the discreet and silent table fan TVE 10 as well as by the colourful, head-turning USB table fans.

Hot and sultry summer days, stagnant air, the heat: almost unbearable ... Focussing on the task at hand becomes a near impossibility. A pedestal fan provides a fresh breeze and welcome relief by cooling, allowing you to breathe freely. But what are the must-have characteristics a good pedestal fan? What should be taken into account for your purchase decision?

What is the key to an ideal pedestal fan? It has to combine high performance with low consumption

TVE 26 S

How powerful is a certain product? The fan's motor speed (revolutions per minute) is an important factor. The higher it is, the more air can be circulated by the respective device. In addition, the number, dimensions and alignment of the rotor blades are decisive for the cooling capacity: The larger the blades and their angle, the more extensive will be the transported air volume.

The devices TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S come with a blade diameter of 40 cm and a power consumption of 40 watts. It stands to reason that the energy consumption increases with more power, a higher wattage and air flow rate.

Nevertheless Trotec offers more and more innovative solutions that can yield impressive results even with fewer watts – owing to an intelligent design. Consequently, a fresh breeze now also blows gently through conservatories, hobby rooms and workshops!

Performance characteristics:

  • Can be applied flexibly in any interior space
  • Extremely silent
  • Several speed levels
  • Oscillation function
  • Inclination angle of the fan head adjustable
  • Metal grid for protection at the front and rear
  • Modern design
  • Broad base for high stability
  • Optimum value-for-money ratio
Thanks to its ultra-silent operation the TVE 17 S can treat you to a sleep-promoting fresh breeze.
TVE 17 S
On hot days, the pedestal fan TVE 25 S provides a fresh breeze on your balcony or terrace.
TVE 25 S
Thanks to the adjustable inclination angle and the infinitely variable height adjustment, living spaces can be cooled selectively.
TVM 18 S
Whether in the office or home office, on hot days the TVE 26 S leaves a cool impression.
TVE 26 S

Safety first! Demonstrating stability ...

Needless to say, the selected construction must be able to stand securely and be somehow protected against tipping over and tripping accidents or similar. Which is why preference should be given to a pedestal fan with a rather solid base and utterly space-saving pedestal. The pedestal fans of the TVE series (TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S) are characterized by a wide, stable, star-shaped base complying with all current safety regulations. The none-too-light overall weight of TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S further contributes to the secure footing. The overheating protection guarantees safe operation even at high temperatures. Regardless of which pedestal fan you choose – there should always be a fan cage that prevents contact and therefore accidents with the quickly rotating, sharp fan blades. For this reason, each of Trotec's pedestal fans of the TVE & TVM series is surrounded by a protective metal cage. How to clean the metal grid? Just take it off and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

The advantages of pedestal fans:

With their high power pedestal fans ensure quick cooling effects, appropriate for the situation thanks to different performance levels. Reasonably priced, the energy-saving pedestal fans can furthermore impress with low operating costs. With their automatic oscillation function allowing an individual regulation, the pedestal fans permit the flexible choice of location as desired and needed.

Intensity according to preference – around-the-clock

With various speed and performance levels pedestal fans of high quality permit the adaptation of the intensity – as demanded by the room temperature. At slightly increased temperatures the energy-saving speed level 1 of our pedestal fans TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S can provide some soothing refreshment and a cooling breath of wind.

The thermometer climbs to temperatures of 30 degrees and more? Speed level 2 cools more vigorously already. Blowing the oppressive, muggy air that has accumulated throughout a long, hot day out of your home fast as the wind? Just open the window and set your pedestal fan to speed level 3. And during the night? Thanks to its ultra-silent operation your pedestal fan can treat you to a sleep-promoting fresh breeze. 

The perfectly calibrated fan blades combined with the stable base ensure the best possible running smoothness.
Wanna whip up some wind? Sure thing! But quietly, please ...

Wanna whip up some wind? Sure thing! But quietly, please ...

A generously dimensioned cable length of min. one and a half metres permits the perfect positioning within the room. Should you choose the larger pedestal fans TVE 15 S or TVE 17 S, a 1.8 m cable is already included in the scope of delivery.

But producing wind does not necessarily involve making noise: State-of-the-art devices with a low noise level go easy on your nerves. Trust our experience – you will hear the difference!

What level of operating noise is to be expected can be gathered from the manufacturer's specifications. Not least owing to ideally calibrated fan blades TVE 15 S or TVE 17 S, respectively, produce no more than 57 dB(A).

The 80° oscillation additionally increases the fan's effective area and for an optimum adjustment the fan's head can moreover be adjusted vertically.
Wind blowing from the right direction – how to coordinate application site and device position

Wind blowing from the right direction – how to coordinate application site and device position

The air current shall be distributed in the room as widely as possible? No problem at all for an oscillating pedestal fan with pan function. The pedestal fans of the TVE series (e.g. TVE 15 S or TVE 17 S) have an automatic 80° oscillation function incl. automatic switch-off. This additionally and evenly increases the pedestal fan's effective area. With the adjustable height and the setting option for the vertical inclination angle of the fan's head at its joint you can tweak the air draught just perfectly and fine-tune it for each individual operating location. With their dimensions of 72 cm in length or width and an infinitely variable height ranging between 105 and 122 cm the pedestal fans TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S can be set up in many a place without any difficulty. And once summer has come to a close? Your space-saving pedestal fan can neatly be stored away in a closet.