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BE42 true RMS clamp meter
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BE42 true RMS clamp meter

Professional AC clamp-on ammeter (400 A) with multimeter function (for DC and AC voltage, diode and continuity test, resistance measurement

Contact-free DC and AC voltage measurement as well as AC current measurement with maximum precision

The compact true RMS clamp meter BE42 with integrated torch function allows you to perform especially precise measurements of the true r.m.s. value in industrial and technical in-house equipment, or even in confined control cabinets – without having to interrupt the circuit in this process. Determination of the current is effected in a completely contact-free fashion by measuring the electromagnetic field. Cable connections neither have to be cut nor interrupted. This makes inspection and maintenance tasks especially efficient. Due to the battery-saving “Auto-Power-Off” function, the device switches off fully automatically when it is not in use.

Ideally suited for:

  • service technicians for carrying out trouble-free maintenance of machinery and plants
  • craftsmen and electricians when working on confined control cabinets, in the housing technology sector and in building maintenance

professional equipment for all common measurement methods

With its professional full equipment and functionality, the clamp-on amperemeter BE42 almost fulfils any user requirement, outperforming conventional multimeters by far. The all-round current measuring instrument is suited for measuring DC and AC voltage, AC current, resistance values and performing continuity testing of fuses and contacts with an acoustic alarm signal and diode test. Moreover, the clamp-on amperemeter impresses with labour-saving comfort functions like for example a HOLD function, MAX measurement value indication, battery status indicator, warning indication when the measuring range is exceeded as well as practical LED lighting for large-scale illumination of the work area. When performing NCV measurements (contact-free voltage detection), the NCV-LED lights up red as soon as the sensor detects an AC voltage (min. 110 V~).

Practical one-hand operation

All measuring results are shown clearly on the backlit LC display. The measurement methods are selected conveniently and easily via a practical rotary switch.

Combines ergonomics and precision in top shape

Where other measuring devices have to pass because of their design, due to limited spatial and visibility conditions, the compact and ergonomically optimised clamp meter BE42 shows its true size. All indicators and operating elements as well as the slim clamp that can be opened widely and the free-moving clamp opening lever are designed for convenient one-handed operation. An impact-proof, all-round rubber lining makes the dust-protected clamp meter BE42 with IP40 protection type especially handy, provides reliable protection against impacts and damage and furthermore prevents undesirable slipping when placing the device on uneven surfaces.

Equipment and technical specifications

Play it safe when you measure electric currents and voltages. The true RMS clamp meter BE42 combines maximum safety and functionality at an attractive price. Designed for high currents up to 400 A, the measuring device meets all safety requirements of measuring category CAT III 600 V.

Max. cable cross-section: 28 mm
LC display: Backlit display
LCD display: 4-digit (max. indication 1999)
Dimensions: 210 x 75 x 35 mm
Weight: 285 g

DC voltage (V/DC)
Measuring range: 0.2 to 600 V
Accuracy 0.2 V: ±(0.8 % +4 digits)
Accuracy 2 V/20 V/200 V: ±(1.5 % +2 digits)
Accuracy 600 V: ±(2 % +2 digits)

AC voltage (V/AC)
Measuring range: 2 to 600 V
Accuracy 2 V/20 V/200 V: ±(1.8 % +8 digits)
Accuracy 600 V: ±(2.5 % +8 digits)

Alternating current (A/AC)
Measuring range: 2 to 400 A
Accuracy 2 A: ±(2.5 % +10 digits)
Accuracy 20 A: ±(2.5 % +4 digits)
Accuracy 200 A: ±(2.5 % +4 digits)
Accuracy 400 A: ±(3 % +6 digits)

Resistance (Ohm)
Measuring range: 0 - 20 MΩ
Accuracy 200 Ω: ±(1.0 % +4 digits
In the measuring range 200 Ω)
Accuracy 200 Ω/2 kΩ/20 kΩ: ±(1.5 % +2 digits)
Accuracy 2 MΩ: ±(2.5 % +3 digits)
Accuracy 20 MΩ: ±(3.5 % +5 digits)

Integrated torch function

Scope of delivery:

  • Hand-held measuring device BE42
  • AAA batteries (2x)
  • Safety cables with test probes (2x)
  • Operating manual

Difference between common measuring devices and measuring devices with the true RMS function

In the measurement process, a digital measuring device without true RMS function assumes that the AC signal is sinusoidal and therefore converts the raw signal measured to be displayed on the basis of this assumption. However, in fact, the electrical current flow is never purely sinusoidal. Consumers like switch-mode power supplies, speed or power controllers, etc. cause faults which in turn produce distorted current profiles. Since these profiles are no longer purely sinusoidal, they cannot be measured correctly without true RMS functionality.

True RMS measuring devices can also measure non-sinusoidal signal characteristics correctly and therefore are able to directly determine the true r.m.s. value of any alternating quantity. In this respect , the true root mean square stands for the correct determination and output of the true r.m.s. value.

The technical details of the true RMS clamp meter BE42

BE42 – dimensions
Small, light and handy: The BE42 impresses with a small size in spite of its high performance. With its compact dimensions, the measuring device fits into every tool bag. As soon as the NCV sensor of the true RMS measuring device touches a live wire, (min. 110 V~), the NCV LED lights up red.
BE42 – display
Large, clearly arranged and expressive: The large LCD screen with background illumination makes it possible to easily read off the measured data recorded even when lighting conditions are poor.
BE42 – easy handling
High functionality: The desired measurement method can be selected conveniently and easily via a practical rotary switch.
BE42 – true RMS
Simply more accurate and effective: Thanks to true RMS, the true r.m.s. value of any alternating quantity can be measured with the BE42.
BE42 – clamp-on
Excellent clamp-on design: Its sophisticated design makes the BE42 perfect for one-hand operation.
BE42 – torch
Optimal visibility: In dark work environments, the integrated torch provides for optimum illumination of the working area. Protected by IP40, the BE42 is dust-proof.
BE42 – scope of delivery
Ready for immediate use: The hand-held measuring device BE42 is supplied including safety cables with test probes and AAA batteries.
BE42 – numerous functions
All from a single source: The BE42 enables you to measure DC voltage, AC voltage, AC current and resistance values conveniently and precisely.

If you require a high-performance clamp-on ammeter suited for manifold fields of application, the BE42 is your partner

BE42 – clamp-on ammeter
This versatile clamp meter can be applied for alternating current measurements of up to 400 A.
BE42 – ideal for solar installations
Its integrated DC measurement function also makes the BE42 ideal to perform electrical checks on solar installations.
BE42 – voltage detection
Play it safe and check whether cable connections are energized before you perform any work on electrical components.

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Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • 4-digit LCD display (max. indication 1999)
  • Robust housing with moulded rubber protection
  • CAT III 600 V
  • Measurement of alternating current up to 400 A
  • Measurement of alternating voltage up to 600 V
  • Measurement of DC voltage up to 600 V
  • True RMS function: precise measurement by direct determination of the true r.m.s. value
  • Resistance measurement
  • Continuity testing and diode test
  • Automatic and manual range selection
  • Measured value hold function and peak indication
  • Display illumination
  • Suitable for line diameters up to 28 mm
  • Battery-saving automatic switch-off function
  • Integrated LED lamp for optimum illumination of the working area
  • Dust-protected: IP40 type of protection
  • Battery status indicator


True RMS current clamp BE42 show in Trotec online shop

True RMS current clamp BE42

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 3.510.205.242
DC voltage [V/DC]
  Min. measuring range | DC voltage [V] 0.2
  Max. measuring range | DC voltage [V] 600
  Accuracy ± [%] (0.2 V) | DC voltage [V/DC] ±(0,8 % +4)
  Accuracy ± [%] (2 V / 20 V / 200 V) | DC voltage [V/DC] ±(1,5 % +2)
  Accuracy ± [%] (600 V) | DC voltage [V/DC] ±(2 % +2)
AC voltage [V/AC]
  Min. measuring range | AC voltage [V] 2
  Max. measuring range | AC voltage [V] 600
  Accuracy [%] ± (2 V / 20 V / 200 V) | AC voltage [V/AC] ±(1,8 % +8)
  Accuracy [%] (600 V) | AC voltage [V/AC] ±(2,5 % +8)
Alternating current [A/AC]
  Min. measuring range | Alternating current [A] 2
  Max. measuring range | Alternating current [A] 400
  Accuracy ± [%] (2 A) | alternating current [A/AC] ±(2,5 % +10)
  Accuracy ± [%] (20 A) | alternating current [A/AC] ±(2,5 % +4)
  Accuracy ± [%] (200 A) | alternating current [A/AC] ±(2,5 % +4)
  Accuracy ± [%] (400 A) | alternating current [A/AC] ±(3 % +6)
Resistance [Ω]
  Min. measuring range [Ω] | Resistance 200
  Max. measuring range [Ω] | resistance 20
  Accuracy ±[%] (200 Ω) | resistance [ohm] ±(1,0 % +4)
  Accuracy ± [%] (200 Ω/2 kΩ/20 kΩ) | resistance [ohm] ±(1,5 % +2)
  Accuracy ± [%] (2 MΩ) | resistance [ohm] ±(2,5 % +3)
  Accuracy ± [%] (20 MΩ) | resistance [ohm] ±(3,5 % +5)
  Counts 2,000
Measurement rate
  Measurement rate 2 Hz
Housing design
  Connection sockets for 4 mm safety connectors (banana)
Measuring category
  CAT III (600 V)
  EN 61010-1
  Degree of pollution 2
Type of protection
Power supply
  Internal (battery)
Ambient conditions
  Operation - min. temperature [°C] 5
  Operation - max. temperature [°C] 40
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 210
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 75
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 35
  Diameter (lamp diameter opening) [mm] 28
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 0.285
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
  Measuring device
  Safety measuring lines with test probes
  Operating manual
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
  AC voltage [V/AC]
  DC voltage [V/DC]
  Resistance [Ω]
  Alternating current [A/AC]
Functions and features
  Maximum value display
  Measured value hold function
  Alternating current
  DC voltage
  AC voltage
  Automatic measuring range selection
  Integrated torch
  Automatic switch-off
  Backlit display
  Indication when exceeding the measuring range
  Diode testing
  Continuity test
  Battery status indication

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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