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BV15WP Differential pressure measuring device with anemometer function and smartphone operation
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Differential pressure measuring device BV15WP with anemometer function

Bluetooth® measuring device with a smartphone app for precise flow rate measurements in air and gases

Differential pressure measurement with app control and smartphone connectivity

In addition to the differential pressure measurement of 0 to 150 hPa, the compact and versatile appSensor BV15WP also allows for the use of optional Pitot tubes (dynamic pressure probes), in order to carry out flow rate measurements even with very high air velocities of up to 50 m/s of air or gases. Where conventional wind turbine or hot-wire anemometers reach their limits due to their design, the BV15WP excels with its high versatility.

The hand-held measuring device with its practical magnetic holder, which has been tested in compliance with protection type IP40, not only allows you to perform airflow checks in ventilation ducts or other typical measuring tasks (from air-conditioning sector and ventilation technology). A multitude of additional fields of application is covered by the device, e.g. determining the filter status in air conditioning systems or carrying out differential pressure measurements in gas-fired boilers.

Evaluation and documentation all included – thanks to the MultiMeasure Mobile app

As a Trotec measuring device of the latest generation, the anemometer BV15WP is prepared to meet all requirements of professional measuring data evaluation and documentation. Via the integrated Bluetooth® interface, the recorded measurement data is easily and conveniently transferred to a smartphone or tablet, where it can be professionally evaluated or recorded with the free MultiMeasure Mobile app.

In addition to the professional differential pressure measurement, the beneficial combination of hand-held measuring device and MultiMeasure Mobile evaluation software allows for comprehensive evaluation and documentation of the measuring data – including a variety of analysis options like for example a logging function for long-term measurements, graphic evaluations, report function and data synchronisation with our professional MultiMeasure Studio Professional software via cloud.

Universally applicable for the flow rate measurement and volumetric flow measurement of air and gases

Whether you’re an installer, service technician, heating engineer, air conditioning engineer, expert or an interested user: With the differential pressure measuring device BV15WP you always keep the proper function of ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, or the gas flow pressure of heating systems in check. 

Practical, handy, simply good: Beneficial features

Forget about bulky or complicated differential pressure measuring devices. The BV15WP combines innovative measurement technology in its most compact form and an ease of use. The combination with the practical Multimeasure Mobile app opens up completely new possibilities in terms of data collection, data evaluation and reporting.

One touch of a button suffices to start the measurement. With its magnetic holder integrated into the housing, the BV15WP allows for hands-free working and a secure grip on magnetic surfaces.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Bluetooth® anemometer BV15WP
  • Free MultiMeasure app
  • Practical hand strap
  • 2 x Hoses
  • 1 x Operating manual

Why use appSensors? Aren't there a lot of measuring apps already?

Of course there are numerous apps using the electronic components integrated in smartphones, e.g. microphone, gyroscope or camera, for measurements and derived calculations. But these components haven't been designed for precise metrological inspections, instead mainly for an optimized application on a mobile device.

Hence, the obtained results are not in the least comparable with the results achieved by sensors specifically designed for measuring applications. Besides, your smartphone may not be equipped with the suitable electronic component for every measurement task, e.g. for contact moisture measurements or non-contact temperature measurements.

Trotec appSensors on the other hand house professional sensors for precise measuring results –which is just what they were made for. So, be smart and use the clever combination of appSensor and MultiMeasure Mobile – our free app available for both iOS and Android – to carry out professional measurements.

The appSensor BV15WP is automatically identified by MultiMeasure Mobile.
Simple Bluetooth connection to MultiMeasure Mobile
A value measured by the BV15WP can be read clearly when displayed by the MultiMeasure Mobile app.
Numeric display of measured values
By tapping on the screen you can switch between graphic and numeric display.
Chart representation of measured values
By means of the logging function you can record measurement series and generate reports while still on site.
Versatile luxmeter as appSensor controlled via smartphone
By means of the logging function you can record measurement series and generate reports while still on site.
Versatile luxmeter as appSensor controlled via smartphone

MultiMeasure Mobile app – smart measuring data acquisition and evaluation of measuring data

With the free MultiMeasure Mobile app the captured measurement data becomes even more transparent. Just like the analysis software MultiMeasure Studio Professional 2.0 developed by Trotec for administration, analysis and report generation of measurement data on your PC, the free MultiMeasure Mobile app for Android and iOS devices also allows for professional measurement data management with a multitude of useful functions. The anemometer BV15WP and numerous other measuring devices with Bluetooth® interface are automatically identified by the app and can be connected to the mobile terminal device quickly, easily and wirelessly.

The functionality of the MultiMeasure Mobile app is way beyond the simple indication of the captured measurement values. All recorded data can be displayed either numerically or in form of a chart and, by means of the logging function, can also be recorded as a series of measurements for long-term evaluation. Assigning measurement data to different projects (e.g. departments, rooms, buildings, etc.) with the app is a child's play – including text and report templates for professional measurement data reports.

MultiMeasure Mobile – all of the app's advantages at one glance:

  • Automatic identification of the BV15WP and other measuring devices with Bluetooth® interface
  • Quick and intuitive navigation
  • Numerical measured value indication or else in form of a chart / matrix
  • Integrated report function for the documentation directly on site
  • PDA function for the organization of measurement data and documents
  • Customer management already integrated
  • Manifold analysis options directly in the app
  • Storage of measured values linked to photos
  • Matrix measurements, also linked to photos
  • Complete data synchronization with MultiMeasure Professional via cloud

Info video on appSensors and MultiMeasure Mobile

In our video you can get a quick overview of the measurement options of the Trotec appSensors and get first insights into the functionality of the MultiMeasure mobile app. Watch it now!

Watch the video now!

Direct link to MultiMeasure Mobile in the app store:

MultiMeasure Mobile for Android
MultiMeasure Mobile for iOS

BV15WP Differential pressure measuring device with anemometer function as appSensor controlled via smartphone

BV15WP – A few practical benefits:

  • Compact anemometer for measuring the differential pressure (measuring range 0 to 150 hPa, resolution of 0.01 hPa) air flow rate (measuring range 0 m/s to 50 m/s, resolution 0.1 m/s) and air pressure
  • Differential and dynamic pressure measurement with Pitot tube
  • Min/Max and data hold function
  • Integrated magnetic holder to allow for hands-free working
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for use of the free MultiMeasure Mobile app
BV15WP – dimensions, battery/batteries and magnetic holder
BF06WP Luxmeter controlled via smartphone

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