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DH dehumidifiers of the Value Protection Range
DH dehumidifiers of the Value Protection Range
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DH dehumidifiers of the Value Protection Range

Intelligent climate managers “made in Germany” for the all-round protection of your valuables – ThinC!

DH dehumidifiers of the Value Protection Range
DH dehumidifiers of the Value Protection Range
DH dehumidifiers of the Value Protection Range

Conservation rather than loss of value

The ThinC! climate management guarantees consistency. In favour of values and valuables. Because every material comes with special properties and every room with different conditions. Our climate managers guarantee a constant room climate in all circumstances. And so efficiently maintain various articles of value in their top condition. What laid the foundation for the innovative ThinC! climate managers were the DH dehumidifiers from our HighPerformance product range – ensuring a reliable protection against moisture even in unheated rooms and at low temperatures of about 5 °C. This turns every room into a climate vault: the air conditioned and cleaned from irritants, the dust formation significantly reduced and annoying smells eliminated.

Even so, all ThinC! models are characterized by simple handling, intelligent humidity regulation and odour neutralisation. Room air to suit your individual needs, achieved fully automatically via hygrostat and intensity controller. Dust-free, soot-free, hygienic and energy-efficient – always at the right level. With ThinC! design becomes a mission. The colour and material of the faceplates can be selected variably to suit a special style or your personal preferences. Perfect room climate at its best. For everything of value.

Trotec’s R&D department has the following maxim: to never be satisfied with the things achieved but to always strive for more. As an internationally leading provider of dehumidification solutions we see it as our duty to continually improve and develop. With the latest DH-VPR generation Trotec widened the gap to competitors and developed a series of climate managers that leaves nothing to be desired both in terms of technology and aesthetics. More multifunctionality and individual designs – et voilà: a DH-VPR+ with intelligent ThinC! climate technology.

This solution is unique in the world: Active climate management with a 4-in-1 protective function fighting moisture, odour, air pollutants and dust.

Ideal climate managers for collector garages

For chrome jewels ought to shine, not rust away

Ideal garage climate management using the dehumidifiers DH-VPR+
Ideal garage climate

DH-VPR+ guarantees an ideal climate in your garage. Professionally defrosted by use of hot gas starting at 5 °C plus. A humidity level between 45 and 50 % reliably protects against corrosion, mould, porosity and decomposition. And the ThinC! climate management effectively reduces the smell of petrol, dust, bacteria and soot. DH-VPR+ – Luckily rust-free.

Standard faceplate, painted white

To enable a smooth integration of the DH-VPR+ climate managers in their individual garage surroundings, the faceplate is at request also available in just about every variation of material and colour other than the standard version:

 Faceplate made of brushed stainless steel
Special colour example Gulf Blue
Special colour example Ferrari Red
Special colour example Racing Green
Special colour example high-gloss white
Special colour example Bugatti Blue
Individual faceplate, gilded
Individual faceplate, carbon

DH-VPR+ – an overview

  • Unique in the world: Active climate management with a 4-in-1 protective function fighting moisture, odour, air pollutants and dust
  • Professional quality “made in Germany” – originally produced by Trotec
  • Especially designed to preserve the value of precious exhibits, objects and movables.
  • Ideal dehumidification performance even at low temperatures of about 5 °C
  • Two-component filter for dust and soot – especially for the application in garages
  • Air filters for dust and cleaning the air from pollen and allergens
  • High-quality industrial ionizer for an efficient odour elimination
  • Corrosion-protected design
  • Hygrostat-controlled automatic operation
  • Effective hot gas automatic defrost system
  • Integrated condensate pump
  • At request also available in every variation of material and colour

DH 30 VPR+ with faceplate in Ferrari Red

ThinC! climate management –
complete protection against all hazards lurking in a garage:

  • Rust
    A constantly maintained ideal humidity level reliably prevents corrosion damage.
  • Odours
    Neutralizes unwelcome odours by means of high-quality industrial ionizers.
  • Dust
    The ThinC! technology effectively reduces the formation of dust.
  • Soot
    The integrated special filter reduces deposits and residues difficult to remove.
  • Mould
    Room and inventory wouldn’t even dare to go mouldy, once the DH-VPR+ handles the room air management.
  • Bacteria
    Bacteria are harmful to health. But they also damage valuable collectibles. The principle of oxidative air purification ensures a room climate unconducive to decomposition.
The ThinC! climate management protects classic cars

A perfect room climate is a fine art

DH-VPR+ – To protect your valuables


Preserving the value – climate management by means of DH-VPR+

They hang on the wall and please the owner. As a piece of art. As an object of value. For the preservation of this value, to avoid that the paintings have to be cleaned extensively over and over again, to prevent frames from warping, colours from fading... Use DH-VPR+ – the optimized climate management for the works of artists such as van Gogh or Picasso.

Musical instruments

Gutes Klima für satte Töne - mit dem DH-VPR+

A wooden musical instrument only retains its unique sound if it is stored under optimal climatic conditions. A constant 50 - 65% relative humidity is ideal for valuable instruments. A fluctuating room climate leads to cracks and other damage to the sensitive instrument. DH-VPR + - so that the sound doesn't suffer.

First editions

DH-VPR+ creates a good reading environment that is beneficial to your eyes and nose

For the fervent reader and collector of books every page is precious. The climate concept for bibliophiles adjusts the room air to the required storage conditions for paper and filters out corrosive pollutants. Tearing, material stress, ink corrosion or musty odours are thus prevented. DH-VPR+ – creates a good reading environment that is beneficial to your eyes and nose.

Rare wines

For the perfect preservation of wine – climate management with DH-VPR+

An optimum climate management is required to preserve the rich flavour and value of wines. Ideal is a constant humidity of approx. 75 to 80 %. The DH-VPR+ prevents corks from drying out, oxygen from pressing into the bottle, mould from forming on the bottles’ labels or that odours affect the bouquet.
For the perfect preservation of wine – DH-VPR+.


DH-VPR+ keeps antiques young

Old furniture and valuable instruments create a homey atmosphere. Wood interacts with excessive humidity levels and needs consistency. Shrinkage cracks, swelling veneer, discolouration and decomposition might be a consequence of problematic room air. Antique furniture is beautiful. But it should not reek of the stench imbibed over the past centuries. Family heirlooms, furniture for all generations, an investment. DH-VPR+ – protects the future of tradition.

Classic vehicles

Konservieren statt restaurieren - mit dem DH-VPR+

Old and young timers are worth preserving. The DH-VPR + creates constant, optimal air humidity and reliably protects against corrosion damage, mold growth and unpleasant odors. DH-VPR + - preserving instead of restoring.

How to protect your piece of art

Temperature Optimum rel. humidity
Automotives / motorcycles 10 - 25 °C 45 - 50 % RH
Antique furniture 20 - 22 °C 50 - 65 % RH
Musical instruments 15 - 25 °C 50 - 65 % RH
Antiquarian documents 14 - 20 °C 40 - 55 % RH
Wines Depending on the type 75 - 80 % RH

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available