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Future product innovations


Non-destructive moisture measurement of wood humidity and building moisture

If you want to measure in quick and non-destructive way the humidity in materials such as wood, gypsum plaster, cement screed or if you want to control drying process, you can find the reliable partner in the BM40.

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Indispensable detection device for drilling aid and guidance

The wall scanner BI20 reliably locates the ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, live vires and also wooden substructure, which are located under plasters, gypsum, and concrete.

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Plug in. Select the room air humidity. Finished!

The BH30 is ideally suited to automatically regulate air humidifiers, air coolers or dehumidifiers without an integrated hygrostat. A constant humidity control to a set value between 20% and 90% r.H. Is easy to program. The practical connector automatically turns on or off devices to avoid unnecessary running times or over-moistening.

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Current product innovations



Professional sound level meter

The SL400 is the indispensable companion for recording and documenting workplace, industrial or environmental noise. For measurements over an extended period, the device has an integrated memory for up to 32,700 measured values, a corresponding evaluation software and a mini tripod included in the scope of delivery.

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The smart solution for the documentation of climatic data

The DL200 series of data loggers in a completely new Trotec design offer the right solution for all documentation tasks, whether for monitoring during transportation or the production of sensitive products, operating refrigeration cabinets, in server rooms or for determining the causes of moisture and mold damage in apartments, Made in Germany. Available now in three different color combinations!

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Multifunctional laser distance measuring device in miniature

The cost-effective BD16 expands the range of Trotec rangefinders down - but has, in addition to the usual length, area and volume calculation, important additional functions, such as the indirect height measurements using Pythagoras!

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Practical helper for interior decoration

For precise alignment, eg for tiling or painting work in interior spaces, simply project the self-leveling laser cross or single lines onto the corresponding surface. Includes multifunctional support arm for a variety of mounting options.

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Formaldehyde and TVOC measurements

Due to its intuitive operation, the BQ16 allows simple and fast monitoring of the air quality with respect to its content of formaldehyde (HCHO) and volatile organic compounds (TVOC).

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Particle Measuring made easy

With the handy measuring device BQ20, the measurement of the particle loading of the ambient air can be carried out at any time for the particle sizes 2.5 and 10 μm. The BQ20 is thus an excellent tool for monitoring the workload in relation to so-called E-dust (PM10) and A-dust (PM2.5) according to internationally accepted specifications by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Point-accurate leak detection by ultrasound

Professional, punctual and inexpensive leak detection in compressed air ducts for steam, gas, vacuum systems, kettles, liquid-conducting pipes, valves, slides as well as for preventive wear diagnostics on ball, rolling and plain bearings. To test pressureless systems, a special ultrasonic transmitter is included in the set.

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An indication of well-being

The BC25 is an effective handy measuring instrument to determine, for example, the Heat Index (HI) or the Apparent Temperature (AT) reliably. So heat damage can be avoided from the outset.

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Quick measurement of wood and building humidity

Thanks to bar scale and direct display of moisture value, reading the humidity measurements from BM22 are a piece of cake.

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Determines precisely the pH of acid to alkaline solutions

Fluid analysis in pocket format. The BW10 accurately determines the pH levels of acidic to alkaline solutions, e.g. the aquarium, in the swimming pool, in the laboratory, in water analysis or in quality control in the beverage industry.

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IC085LV / IC125LV

Advanced infrared camera with touch display

The new generation of the IC cameras offers clever electronics and functions, an intelligent mobility concept and an excellent price-performance-ratio.

Learn more about the IC085LV, IC125LV

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Pitot tube Anemometer

Precise measurement of the air velocity, volume flow, air pressure, and air temperature. The pitot tube enables the determination of differential and back pressure.

Learn more about the TA400

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TS 810 SDI

Effective trace gas detector for leak detections or tightness test

Innovative combination of high-precision sensor technology and the highest level of efficiency.

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VSC Series

Videoscopes for indirect visual inspection and documentation

The industry videoscopes of the VSC series make it easy: No cables, no suitcase – nothing but excellent image quality in a robust and lightweight compact device.

Learn more about the VSC206, VSC3008

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Extremely smart: infrared camera in tablet design

The new infrared camera AC080V unites advanced functions with many additional application possibilities in an ultra compact tablet design.

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Laser distance measuring up to 70 meters

The distance meter BD21 convinces with various, practical functions and is especially suitable for crafts of all kind.

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Flexibly adjustable sensitivity levels from 1 °C, 5 °C and 10 °C

With an optical resolution of 10:1 the Pyrometer BP17 measures in temperature range from von -50 °C up to +380 °C. The overriding and dropping below the preselected difference value is signalized by an audible and visual alarm function.

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Quick and contact-free voltage detection

The BE14 is a contact-free voltage tester, which not only enables to locate the broken wires and leads in open cables, but also all live conductors, such as sockets, switches or cable connections.

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Voltage tester for everyday practice

The BE17 enables measurement of alternating (AC) or direct (DC) voltage and its polarity and has a function of RCD examination or tripping the residual current devices.

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Ergonomically shaped multifunctional measuring device

With its seven measuring functions and the ergonomical design the digital multimeter BE48 is versatile and suitable for various fields of applications in do-it-yourself and hobby sections.

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Laser distance measuring up to 120 meters

Laser distance measuring up to 120 meters The profiessionall distance meter for architects and planners in order to dimension halls and storage rooms or the entire stairways in one approach.

Learn more about the BD26

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Perfect for barbecue-season

The practical barbecue-thermometer for wireless temperature control by barbecue, roasting and baking. The measuring instrument has a cook-assistant for 8 types of meat/food and up to 5 cook levels can be distinguished.

Learn more about the BT40

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Practical energy cost meter

With the minimal possible power indicator from 0,1 W the energy cost meter can find the smallest energy wasters, such as consumers in Standby mode.

Learn more about the BX09

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Alternating current measurment wihout interruption into electrical circuit

Current measurement on running systems without having to switch them off- it is easy with the ampere meter BE38.

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Food Digital Infrared Thermometer

The BP2F with illuminated LCD display allows for quick non-contact surface measurements by infrared and also the measurement of core temperatures with integrated temperature probe.

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BO26 Videoscope

Fast endoscopic photo and video documentation

The BO26 is characterized not only by its versatility due to its uncomplicated handling: a multilingual on-screen menu and adjustable parameters such as exposure or focusing the the target area, supports a simple, intuitive operation.

Learn more about the BO26 Videoskop

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UV‑Torchlight 5F

Ultraviolet and ultra convenient - compact UV LED Flashlight

The UV Torchlight 5F offers truly obvious practical advantages: Robust aluminum housing with 9 energy-saving UV-LEDs in the emitter region 380-385 nm. Ideal for geocaching, document and banknote testing or hygiene control.

Learn more about the UV‑Torchlight 5F

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T plus X

Next-generation MultiMeasure Professional hand-held measuring devices

Bright prospects for the new year: You can look forward to innovative precision measuring devices with touch display and unique functions.

Learn more about the TP7, TP10

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The Basics

New measuring devices of the MultiMeasure Basic series

In 2014 you can benefit from the largest MultiMeasure Basic series of all times.

Learn more about the BA06, BA16, BC06, BC21, BF06, BS06, BM31, BP21

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Plug thermostat for electric heating devices and air conditioners

The clever solution for temperature-controlled operation of heaters or air conditions up to 16 A without thermostat - individually adjustable from 5 to 30 ° C.

Learn more about the BN30

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Former Trotec innovations


Magnetometer – redefined

The time has come for the ultimate detector to efficiently locate covered ferromagnetic objects in water and gas supply networks.

Find out more about the MD200…

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Compact UV-A long wave hand emitter

Ideally suitable for non-destructive tracer detection for material testings, leak locations, quality controls, and for security applications.

Learn more about the UV-TrackMaster

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T210 – T660

The new generation

Handy, practical, functional. Precise measurement data acquisition in compact design.

Find out more about the impressive T210, T260, T510, T610, T660 advantages…

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Fog and flue gas simulator in tried and tested German industrial design

The shortly available FS200 originally produced by Trotec sets new standards for the flue gas-aided tightness test and much more. Don't miss this!

Find out more about the new FS200…

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PD 200


As impulsive as effective

The new pulse current measuring system PD200 originally produced by Trotec. The ideal solution for simple leak detection on non-conducting sealing sheets.

Find out more about the new PD200…

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LD6000 PTS

LD6000 PTS

Acoustic leak detection including location function

With the tube probe LD6000 PTS the leak detection on the house connection side becomes an absolute precision landing. Quickly, easy - Trotec.

Find out more about the impressive LD6000 PTS advantages…

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MultiMeasure Studio PRO

Studio PRO

MultiMeasure analysis software of the latest generation

The first professional analysis software for the evaluation of the data measured by the T3000, the DL200 data logger series and the devices of the DA series.

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Link to the MultiMeasure Studio PRO software...


Using tomorrow's multifunction measuring technology today!

The new T3000: Trendsetting measuring technology, advanced functions and user comfort of still unknown dimensions.

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Find out more about the new T3000...


Leak detection and acoustic pipe location

The innovative LD6000 sets new standards in the field of leak detection. Acoustic pinpoint location, pipe location, long-term measurement with logging function, trace gas detection - all with only one device!

Find out more about the impressive LD6000 advantages…

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LD5L set

Mobile zone monitoring of drinking water networks

Flexibly applicable system with radio data loggers for noise level measurement and mobile data receiver.

Find out more about the impressive LD5L set advantages…

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