Possible use of the Trotec DH series

The DH series combines customizable dehumidification solutions for industrial demands with superior flexibility and economic efficiency.

The problem:

Excessive, unrestricted humidity levels

Humidity is omnipresent and can cause various problems when storing, processing, manufacturing or transporting industrial goods, unless effectively controlled.

In all industrial processes room air is the decisive carrier of humidity. Ensuring optimum conditions in terms of room climate thus primarily refers to controlling the humidity.

Consequences of uncontrolled humidity are:

  • Corrosion
  • Formation of condensate
  • Impairments of product quality
  • Biocontamination of food and lubricants (cooling lubricants)
  • Increased maintenance effort on machines and buildings
  • Damage to the building structure
  • Higher heating costs caused by reduced insulation values of the structural shell
  • Reduced employee productivity
  • Unwelcome odours

The challenge:

Changed requirements for existing plants

Unforeseeable variables, such as changed demands in terms of product quality, new manufacturing techniques and regulations or more complex logistic processes when storing and transporting, often necessitate a moisture management adapted to current requirements.

However, since every industrial undertaking has their own individual characteristic, specific workflows, plants and premises, standard offers "off the rack" are no good and additional extravagant alterations of existing HVAC systems are ineligible for economic reasons.

The solution:

Flexibly scalable drying systems

Stationary industrial dryers of the DH series are individually scalable, self-sufficient dehumidification systems which require no further fresh air supply and can be optimally adapted to each and every environmental requirement.

An integration of the dehumidifiers in existing ducted air systems can be realized without any difficulty. Their larger operating range from -20 °C to +70 °C allows a quick, economic drying in various fields of application.

Their long lifetime reduces the total cost of ownership and an active utilization of process energy – e.g. to additionally heat room air or generate hot water – shortens the payback period.

Ideal for almost every industrial task regarding permanent dehumidification

  • Dehumidification of water processing facilities and pump stations to prevent condensate formation on pipes and pumps
  • Prevention of corrosion in electrical control centres, boiler plants, turbines and pipe systems in power plants
  • Prevention of condensate formation in tranship zones or cooling houses at ambient temperatures to -15 °C
Your application requirements: Our dehumidification solutions:
Process and product drying in high-temperature surroundings DH 300 BH
Industrial dryers for medium capacity needs DH 15, DH 30, DH 60, DH 75, DH 110
Industrial dryers for optional rear panel installation DH 15, DH 30, DH 60, DH 75, DH 110
Industrial dryers with installation preparation for wall-mounted operation* DH 15, DH 30, DH 60, DH 75, DH 110
Industrial dryers for large to very large capacity needs DH 150, DH 300 BY, DH 600 BY
Industrial dryers for floor installation DH 75, DH 110, DH 150, DH 300, DH 600
Industrial dryers for low-temperature ranges to -15 °C DH 300 BY, DH 600 BY
* Besides the models with an installation preparation, all Trotec industrial dryers can also be used when mounted to the wall or ceiling. All that has to be provided by the customer for this purpose is an appropriate fastening construction.
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