Effective functional principle for continuous low-maintenance operation

The functioning of the flexible DH condenser dryers is explained in detail

The refrigerant dryers suck in damp ambient air and cool it below dew point which causes a large proportion of the humidity in the air to be condensed and then ready to be extracted from the air. The condensate is discharged and the cold, dry air led past the cooling block's heating element where it is warmed by the released process energy and then fed back to the room air.

You can profit from this principle furthermore in two different ways:

In all air-heated surroundings previously necessary additional heating costs can be substantially reduced by the already warmed-up, dry air (functional principle 1).

In low-temperature environments heat recovery is also an option. In this case water can be heated by means of the released process heat and then be used for other heating processes or water processing (functional principle 2).

Especially the energy costs of applications with a high water consumption can be reduced significantly. There is the alternative option of using an external heating element outside of the rooms to be dehumidified.

Damp air Dry air

The flexibly applicable DH industrial dryers provide the most diverse application possibilities:

Our stationary DH industrial dryers can be integrated into every working environment without difficulty.

No further fresh air supply is required and they are placed directly in the rooms to be dehumidified or connected to existing ducted air systems. Many models already have a factory-provided wall installation preparation.

Besides the basic designs there are numerous optional extras available for your specific tasks and capacity requirements. Please contact us for a personal consultation!

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