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Mobile privacy shield for professional helpers

VarioScreen ensures that you can work in peace.

Light, compact, effective – the mobile screen fence
VarioScreen consists of stable fibre glass rods and extremely durable polyester cloth. It is stored space-savingly folded in robust carry bags.

As responsible chief of police, of the fire department or rescue service you know about the often shocking and yet attracting effect even of slightly injured accident victims. Onlookers and bystanders often seriously interfere with first aid measures and the progress of further rescue work. Using the expressly erected VarioScreens, you can protect the victims against unnecessary exposure and simultaneously ensure that your team is shielded and can focus on their work.

One team member erects the stable screen in a few seconds and in only a few steps. By use of extra stable zip connections the screen can be extended from 7 m to 14 m or more.

Privacy in a matter of seconds

One individual person needs only a few steps to erect the VarioScreen. The disassembly can also be accomplished within seconds.

A few practical benefits:

  • Mobile screen with 7 m standard length, 
    infinitely extendable
  • Height of the screen fence 180 cm
  • High stability
  • Easy cleaning

Professional quality for service


For professional deployment, the screen fence VarioScreen has been carefully thought out in every little detail. The extremely durable, high-quality polyester cloth and excellent workmanship make the VarioScreen hard-wearing and durable.

The red retaining strap is firmly sewn and located at the yellow splash and weighting band of the VarioScreen. To erect the screen fence, this strap is held to the ground with your foot while simultaneously pushing the fixing discs to tauten the cloth.

Dimensions and example set-ups:

All VarioScreen elements are stowed compactly folded in robust carry bags. The stable fibre glass rods are already integrated in the screen's side parts and only need to be put up and tautened.

If required, the erected screen fence can additionally be fixed in place by use of the tent peg and rope set available as accessories. The VarioScreen can be disassembled and space-savingly folded up just as quickly as it is erected.

Optional: Due to three additional zipper junctions, each wall element is individually detachable. Thus, 1, 2, or 3 elements in the completely separable screen wall can be adjusted as needed.

Technical data
General information
  Article number
  Flat roof
  Pointed roof
  Length (packaging excluded) [cm] 145
  Width (packaging excluded) [cm] 30
  Height (packaging excluded) [cm] 30
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 14

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available

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