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Trotec’s calibration service

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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Trotec’s ISO-compliant calibration service

Certified safety for your measuring devices

Being one of the leading suppliers for building diagnostic and environmental measuring equipment, Trotec offers you the possibility to have all measuring devices calibrated, maintained and repaired by a single source. Therefore, our Trotec calibration laboratory is your first point of contact for all questions regarding the reliable calibration of thermal imaging cameras, infrared thermometers or climate measuring devices, amongst others.

Only reliably calibrated measuring devices can provide truly safe measurement results. Your benefits are obvious: You will be able to obtain maximum security regarding the certainty of your measurement results. Moreover, you can avoid uncertain results and possibly necessary rework and at the same time protect yourself from possible recourse claims.

We calibrate in our own laboratory in compliance with the ISO standard based on strictly defined measuring ranges and points. Optionally, the calibration points can also be defined individually within the specified calibration range. Besides the option of an ISO calibration of various measured values such as temperature and humidity, we are also able to offer calibration of other measured variables and DAkkS calibrations of your measuring equipment thanks to the cooperation with our partner G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH.

What distinguishes an ISO calibration from a DAkkS calibration?

No matter whether you want to have your measuring devices calibrated in compliance with ISO or DAkkS, the respective procedure does not have any influence on the traceability of the measured values: the measured values can be presented equally both with the more cost-efficient ISO calibration and the DAkkS calibration, and usually the methods almost do not differ at all in terms of the way of proceeding.

The DIN EN ISO 9000 family of standards, for instance, requires a traceable calibration of testing equipment. But this requirement is also fulfilled by a DAkkS calibration certificate, which is moreover internationally valid without additional traceability proofs. As a rule, DAkkS calibrations are only necessary if they are explicitly demanded by the customer.

You want to have your Trotec measuring device recalibrated?

Then send your measuring device together with the reference “Calibration service” and an indication of the desired calibration standard (ISO or DAkkS) to the following address:
Trotec Gmbh, Trotec Calibration Service, Grebbener Straße 7, 52525 Heinsberg, Germany.

You wish for more information on Trotec’s calibration service? Simply send us your questions via e-mail or use our call back service – the Trotec team is looking forward to your request!

Your benefits of an ISO calibration of your measuring devices carried out by Trotec:

  • Reliable service due to our own calibration laboratory with manufacturer expertise
  • Maximum security for your measurement results
  • Avoidance of inaccurate results and possible rework
  • Prevention of possible liability risks
ISO calibration of climate measuring devices
Reference sources for IR thermometers and thermal imaging cameras
Constant climate chamber for ISO calibration of air temperature and humidity level
ISO calibration of climate measuring devices

Also available as pre-calibrated versions

Using pre-calibrated measuring devices you can benefit from the advantages of our calibration service from the very beginning. Many of our measuring devices can be supplied both as standard models and with an ISO calibration certificate directly ex stock. Recalibration of existing measuring equipment is also possible upon request.

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