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You can't be everywhere – our data loggers can! Using noise level measuring devices from Trotec you can obtain precise values during a long-term measurement. Quick and mobile read-out guaranteed!

In drinking water and pressure lines, everything must be kept in order. Even the tiniest leaks can cause great damage in the long run. Not only does the loss of drinking water result in financial losses, but also can the costs for repair work be high. Therefore it is indispensable to keep a close eye on the pipes – on a permanent basis. This applies to possibly damaged spots but also to the pressure curve. With the help of noise data loggers you always have your finger on the pulse of the pipe system. Made possible by professional long-term monitoring. This way you can easily obtain useful data from noise level measurements over a long period of time.

Using the wireless data loggers of the LD5L system from Trotec you have a mobile wireless monitoring system for precise noise level measurements at hand, enabling acoustic measurements in all sections of a drinking water system. Leakages can thus be identified reliably. And that's how it's done: The wireless data loggers are installed at arbitrary spots in the pipe network. Up to twelve times per minute, all noise level data are transmitted via radio. Particularly convenient: The data can easily be read out with the mobile receiver LD5LR – from the moving vehicle!

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