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Trotec flue gas chamber

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Technical data
General information
Article number 3.510.010.021 3.510.010.035
Flue gas
Burning time of each flue gas cartridge Approx. 90 s
Generator principle Flue gas chamber
Fogging time at maximum level [s] Approx. 210
Fogging time at medium level and less [s] Continuous fog output
Air flow rate [m³/h] 245
Air flow rate [l/s] 68
Outlet pressure [mbar] 334
Generator unit
Approx. heating-up time [min] 7
Fluid consumption at max. output [ml/min] 100
Fluid consumption at continuous fog output [ml/min] 30
Generator principle Fluid evaporator
Functional LEDs
No display
Device control
Control knobs
Housing design
Process connection - (Ø 38 mm)
Process connection - (Ø 50/38 mm)
Type of protection
Power supply
Turbine performance of fan [W] 1,600
Evaporator performance [W] 1,500
Max. power input [W] 3,100
Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz
Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 270 150
Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 250 230
Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 475 165
(packaging excluded) [kg] 12.5 3.06
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
5 l of fog fluid in canister
Operating manual
Fluid hose with coupling
Adapter turbine connector to reduce the diameter from 50 to 38 mm
Fog hose (5 m, plastic, Ø 38 mm)
Filling pipe
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Functions and features
Variable performance of the turbine
Variable performance of the fluid feed pump
Exhaust connection turbine Ø 50/38 mm

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