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Climate monitoring with the highest precision

Record important climate data over longer periods of time – even in remote or poorly accessible locations. The software for the evaluation of measured values is included in all climate data loggers from Trotec.

There are many situations where it is necessary to measure and record the temperature and humidity level: for example for the transport of sensitive products, for the operation of cold storage houses, in server rooms or for mandatory test protocols in the craft sector. In case of humidity and mould damages in flats, the recording of climate data helps to determine the cause of the damages. In these cases, precise measurements with a professional climate data logger are required. No matter for what application you need such a measuring device: Trotec always has the suitable data logger for your requirements.

Maximum measurement accuracy and a large memory are always in the centre of attention. An analysis and administration software is included in all models. And there’s more to it than that: Since the Trotec climate data loggers are configured via PC, the settings of every device are protected against manipulations. This means maximum measurement accuracy combined with maximum security – best quality from Trotec “made in Germany”.

For simple and precise long-term recordings of climate data in living, working and storage spaces, we recommend using the BL30 climate data logger from Trotec. It comes equipped with a memory for 32,000 measured values. Far more than 3 million measured values can be stored by the data loggers of the DL series. Naturally tamper-proof and manifold for professional use. With this device, you can set up to 32 measurement channel groups!

But not only the long-term recording of temperature and humidity values is important. The continuous measurement and documentation of CO2 values is equally necessary in many industries. For this purpose, we offer you precision and flexibility with our BZ30 CO2 air quality data logger.

The data loggers from Trotec at one glance: