Versatile drying vehicle for high-performance on-site applications

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TTR Cargo

Versatile drying vehicle for high-performance on-site applications

The TTR Cargo resembles a ready-for-use, all-weather trailer solution for mobile high-capacity drying applications, for instance for the more extensive drying operations of newly constructed buildings, for restoration applications or as a quick, but temporary alternative solution in case of stationary equipment failure.

The detachable box-body trailer in tandem design is equipped with an industrial desiccant dehumidifier that is secured for transport, ready for use and fitted with pipe/hose connections.

Depending on capacity requirements the TTR Cargo will be supplied in combination with the industrial desiccant dehumidifiers TTR 5200, TTR 6600 or TTR 8200.

This offers you mobile solutions with flow rates of up to 8,200 m³ of dry air per hour and a dehumidification capacity of up to 1,109 litres per day.

As is only right and proper for a true service vehicle, the TTR Cargo comes with a high-quality aluminium roller shutter, well-known from fire engines. Advantage: Opens effortlessly, permits quick access, is durable, robust and can be locked.
Service-friendly design

Equipment details TTR Cargo:

  • Robust, low-maintenance construction with hot-dip galvanized carriage, forklift pockets, jockey wheel and two support legs at the rear
  • All control elements can be accessed quickly behind the lockable front cover
  • Extra storage compartment for accessories such as air transport hoses etc.
  • All service flaps are provided with gas pressure springs, they can be folded out and locked
  • Readily accessible aluminium roller shutter with lock
  • Integrated lifting module permitting a simple extraction of the industrial desiccant dehumidifier for servicing etc.
  • Box body may be detached from the trailer if necessary
All important operating elements can be accessed right behind the front service flap.
Simple operation
The fold-out service flaps at the rear accommodate both humid air outlet and process air intake to which air transport hoses can be connected if needed.
Hose connections at the rear
If no hoses are connected to humid air outlet and process air intake, the service flaps at the rear can be fixed with a safety chain in a tilted position to provide shelter from the rain.
Tiltable service flaps
At the front located above the control compartment of the TTR Cargo there is additional storage space for all sorts of accessories such as hoses.
Extra storage compartment for accessories
The bottom service flap at the front permits quick access to the dry air outlet for hose connection, to the power connection and all operating elements of the industrial desiccant dehumidifier.
Quick start-up
Further integrated underneath a removable floor board is a lifting module that allows for a simple extraction of the industrial desiccant dehumidifier for servicing.
Integrated lifting module
If the four locking bolts of the TTR Cargo are unlocked, one may even take the entire box body off the trailer and set it up separately. For this purpose, two forklift pockets are integrated as well.
Detachable box body


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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
  Axles 2
  Max. additional load with built-in dryer [kg] 100
  Maximum speed in [km/h] 100
  Length Including superstructure [mm] 4,400
  Width Including superstructure [mm] 2,100
  Height Including superstructure [mm] 2,900
  Without superstructure [kg] 600
  Superstructure [kg] 630
  Including superstructure [kg] 1,230
  Max. additional load dryer [kg] 750
  (incl. industrial desiccant dehumidifier) [kg] 1,950

 standard equipment

 optionally available

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