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Tools - Innovation is our passion

We continually provide new and innovative product solutions. See for yourself!

Future product innovations

  • TWP 9000 ES-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    TWP 9000 ES / TWP 11000 ES

    High quality submersible sewage pumps made of stainless steel

    The two high-quality submersible dirty water pumps with stainless steel housings are ideal for drawing water as well as pumping over and pumping out e.g. B. of swimming pools, basements after a flood, rain barrels, garden ponds and small excavations. The TWP 9000 ES and TWP 11000 ES not only shine thanks to their stainless steel production, thanks to their even higher resistance and longevity, but also with a power output of 900 to 1,100 watts, a delivery height of up to 9 meters and can handle 25 mm suspended particles with little effort simply pump with or out. The maximum delivery rate of the two flat suction submersible dirty water pumps is up to 20,000 litres per hour and the immersion depth is 7 meters. Thanks to the included angle adapter with Quick-Connect system for astonishingly easy installation.

  • TWP 4036 E-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    TWP 4036 E / TWP 7536 E

    Submersible sewage pumps

    The TWP 4036 E and the TWP 7536 E are ideally suited for withdrawing water as well as for pumping out and transferring it, e.g. B. for swimming pools, basements, rain barrels, garden ponds, small building pits or floods. The dirty water submersible pumps have a powerful output of 400 to 750 watts, a delivery height of up to 8 meters and can pump 25 mm large suspended particles perfectly and without problems. The maximum delivery rate of the two dirty water submersible pumps is also up to 12,500 litters per hour and the immersion depth is up to 7 meters. With the included angle adapter with Quick-Connect system for effortless assembly of the pumps, the connection hose can be flexibly attached through 360 °. Thanks to the comfortable fixing clip, the float can also be adjusted and locked at the required height surprisingly easily, preventing it from slipping.

  • PGSS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    PGSS 10-20V

    Practical cordless grass and shrub shears

    Spring is coming faster than you think - so we have the right tools for the garden at home. The grass and shrub shears, which are comfortable, safe and light in the hand, can be used flexibly thanks to the FlexPower multi-battery (not included). In order to meet your individual needs and those of your gardening work, e.g. on grass, bushes or hedges, this practical 2-in-1 multitool is equipped with grass shears and shrub shears and the knife change is surprisingly quick and easy, without tools , done. The 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah FlexPower multi-battery can easily be ordered as an accessory and both are compatible with a large number of Trotec power tools.

Current product innovations

  • PPLS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PPLS 10-20V

    Cordless planer

    The powerful cordless planer 20 V 4 Ah impresses not only with a proud idle speed of 12,000 rpm, but also with its mobile usability. Weighing only 2 kilos, the planer is equipped with a rip fence, a two-side chip ejector and an external dust extraction system. The 20 V 4 Ah Li-Ion battery is charged and ready for use in only 1 hour thanks to the supplied quick charger with 3-stage battery level indication. The PPLS 10-20V is part of our large 20 V 4 Ah Flexpower multi-device battery series.

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  • Cable drum PVD2-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PVD2 / PVD3

    High quality cable drums 25 m / 40 m

    The robust PVD3 cable reel has 4 protective contact sockets (16 A, 250V, IP54) with self-closing hinged covers and is the ideal solution for demanding indoor and outdoor use construction, in the workshop or in the industrial sector. The drum and frame are made of high-quality plastic and convince with drainage openings and a central brake system. The 40 meter long cable has a maximum output of 3,500 watts. The ergonomically shaped handle and the stable winder ensure comfort. Thanks to the thermal protection switch, 2 plug parking spaces and high stability, there is also a high level of safety. The little brother PVD2 offers 3 protective contact sockets and a 25 m long cable with a maximum output of 3,600 watts.

  • Circular saw blade sets-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Four circular saw blade sets

    Carbon steel Ø 150 mm / 190 mm

    The 3-piece circular saw blade sets are suitable for all common circular saws. These sets manufactured of high-quality and durable carbon steel are available in 2 different diameters with a different number of teeth in each case – Ø 150 mm with 24 or 40 teeth as well as Ø 190 mm with 24 or 40 teeth. Irrespective of the construction project you're about to implement, here you'll find the matching saw blades.

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  • Hole saw sets-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Two hole saw sets

    Carbide and bi-metal

    The two hole saw sets are suitable for all common hand drills and standing drills. The two sets contain 6 saws each, in the sizes Ø 22, 28, 35, 44, 68 and 73 mm. The carbide-set is ideally suited for working on tiles, stone, aerated concrete and plaster with a cutting depth of up to 25 mm. With the metal saw set (bi-metal/HSS), on the other hand, you can easily drill through plasterboard, PVC, acrylic, tinplate, aluminium, zinc die-cast, copper, bronze and wood with a cutting depth of up to 35 mm. 2 hole saw holders with centre drills and Allen key are also included in the scope of delivery in each case. The bi-metal hole saw set furthermore contains an adapter for hole saws Ø 35 mm.

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  • PCSS 05-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PCSS 05‑20V

    Mini cordless portable circular saw

    The powerful 20 V 2 Ah cordless portable circular saw PCSS 05-20V with an idle speed of 3,150 rpm enables precise cutting depths of up to 28 mm – quickly, easily and infinitely adjustable without tools. The supplied rip fence always guarantees precise guiding of the plunge saw, even in working areas that are difficult to access. Thanks to the practical spindle lock, the saw blade can be easily changed. The ergonomically shaped handle ensures safe and fatigue-free working even single-handedly. The PCSS 05-20V is part of our innovative and variably applicable 20 V 2 Ah Flexpower multi-device battery system. Another great advantage is the possibility of external dust extraction. An HSS saw blade (44 teeth), a TCT saw blade (24 teeth) and a diamond disc (89 mm x 10 mm) are already included in the scope of delivery for the most diverse work assignments.

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  • PTNS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PTNS 10‑20V

    Cordless tacker

    With its powerful 20V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, staples (type 55) and wire nails (type 47) with a shot sequence of 30 per minute in a variety of different materials. Thanks to its slim tacker guide nose, the PTNS 10‑20V is perfectly suited for processing slim components and working close to the edge is possible without any problems. The cordless tacker comes equipped with a 6-level impact force controller and an LED work light. Furthermore, the lightweight and compact PTNS 10‑20V with its anti-slip softgrip handle can be conveniently operated with one hand.

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  • PSIS 10-230V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PSIS 10-230V

    Digital soldering station

    With its power of 60 watts, the PSIS 10-230V reaches a temperature of 400 °C within 4 minutes. The maximum temperature range goes up to 450 °C with 3 preset levels. However, you can also manually adjust it to the desired temperature value. The scope of delivery comprises 3 soldering tips and 2 portions of lead-free solder in different forms (sizes) to ensure that you're free to perfectly carry out rough to fine jobs. A soldering sponge and soldering iron holder are also part of the set. The temperature unit, the pre-pre-programmed temperature value, the target-actual temperature and the heating temperature are shown on the LCD. The soldering iron switches itself to stand-by energy-efficiently and automatically after 30 minutes, in order to prevent oxidation of the soldering tip and to extend its lifetime. Furthermore the PSIS 10-230V is provided with a practical storage compartment for the soldering tips and solder.

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  • PRDS 20-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PRDS 20-20V

    Cordless rotary hammer

    The cordless rotary hammer PRDS 20–20V convinces for screwing and drilling in wood and metal. In addition, the pneumatic hammer mechanism with 2 joules of impact force shows off its strength when hammer drilling in masonry and concrete. Impact rate and speed control with quick-stop function are infinitely variable and always provide full force control. Thanks to the SDS-plus chuck, retooling is done in a matter of seconds. As part of the Flexpower multi-device battery system, the 20 V 4.0 Ah lithium ion battery without memory effect or self-discharge can also be flexibly combined with other cordless Trotec tools.

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  • PPOS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PPOS 10‑20V

    Cordless polisher

    By its eccentric rotation movement clean work without leaving any residues is guaranteed. With its idle speed of 3,000 rpm, a powerful 20V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and a polishing disc diameter of 245 mm you can use the PPOS 10-20V to polish larger surfaces like those of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, high-gloss furniture or floors easily and perfectly. Furthermore the cordless polisher comes equipped with a terry polishing bonnet for applying wax/polish and synthetic fibre polishing bonnet for gloss polishing. Thanks to the anti-slip grip (softgrip), comfortable and fatigue-free working is guaranteed.

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  • TDP 370 E-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    TDP 370 E / TDP 750 E

    Compact, yet powerful deep well pumps

    The TDP 370 E / TDP 750 E are the smaller and more compact version of the large ones. However, their performance is in no way inferior. Whether for a cost-saving water supply, for irrigation purposes or for sprinkling gardens – the deep well pumps TDP 370 (370 W/ 5,100 l/h) and TDP 750 (750 W/ 5,100 l/h) are made of stainless steel and convey service water from wells, water reservoirs, rainwater cisterns and shafts up to 20 m depth. Reliable backflow protection and free from dirt and particles thanks to the stainless steel dirt strainer. The pumps are equipped with maintenance-free copper motors and an integrated thermal protection, providing durable operation and overheating protection.

    Moreover, the TDP 370 E / TDP 750 E come equipped with an individual mains plug and can be installed via Plug & Play. In addition, the electronic pressure switches TDP-DS (without mains socket) or TDP-DSP (with mains socket) can be optionally mounted to both pumps.

  • PRDS 05-230V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PRDS 05‑230V

    Rotary hammer

    With a power consumption of 620 watts and an impact power of 2.1 joules in the pneumatic hammer mechanism the PRDS 05-230V sees to forceful drilling, impact drilling and chiselling. Safe holding in every operating situation is ensured by the vibration absorber in the rear handle and the front handgrip that is adjustable by 360°. Large operating radius thanks to the 3 m cable.

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  • PWLS 06-10-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PWLS 06-10

    Strong cordless work light

    Empty batteries and this in the worst possible moment? This is absolutely nothing the high-performance LED work light PWLS 06-10 with its 3.7 V/4 Ah Li-ion battery has to concern itself with. This cordless work light offers a burn time of up to 9 hours with an extra strong luminous power of 800 lumen. It can be adjusted in 2 brightness levels and furthermore features a strobe mode "lightning effect", which can be used as a warning signal. In order to utilize this light even more flexibly, its handle can be adjusted to 6 positions by 180°. Additionally, the PWLS 06-10 is not only equipped with a USB connection and a Powerbank function, but also with a magnetic holder and a watertight and dust-tight housing (IP44).

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  • PWLS 05-10-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PWLS 05-10

    Practical work light

    With the PWLS 05-10 you'll never have to work in the dark again ‑ you'll have a clear visibility at all times. This practically applicable work light is equipped with a panel light LED which provides for extra bright light with powerful 650 lumen for up to 10 hours. It can be adjusted in 2 brightness levels and furthermore features a strobe mode "lightning effect", which can be used as a warning signal. In order to utilize this light even more flexibly, its handle can be adjusted to 6 positions by 180°. Other features of the PWLS 05-10 are its magnetic holder and a water-tight and dust-proof housing (IP44). Moreover, the work light is ready for use immediately since the batteries are included in the scope of delivery.

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  • PWLS 01-3-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PWLS 01-3

    Flexible tube work light

    Pretty bright! This flexibly usable tube light features a spot LED and a flat-panel LED and provides for at least 6 or 8 hours of extra bright light with 70 or 220 lumen. To ensure that you can respond flexibly in every situation, the lamp head can be swivelled by 90° and rotated by 270°. The PWLS 01-3 can not only be suspended conveniently on a hook or fastened using the mounting bracket while you're performing work for which you need both hands, it also comes with an integrated magnetic holder. In addition, this work light is equipped with a flashing warning light.

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  • Domestic water supply systems-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    TGP 1025 ES / TGP 1025 ES ES

    Domestic waterworks - stainless steel

    The domestic waterworks TGP 1025 ES / TGP 1025 ES ES with a delivery height of 30 m are not only splash-proof (IPX4), have an output of 1,000 watts and a delivery rate of 3,300 l / h, but the pumps are also made of robust, high-quality and weather-resistant stainless steel manufactured. With the domestic waterworks TGP 1025 ES ES not only the pump is made of stainless steel, but also the pressure tank. A pressure switch is already installed in both domestic waterworks.

  • TGP 1005 E-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    TGP 1005 E

    Garden pump with filter

    The robust, strong and splash-proof (IPX4) garden pump TGP 1005 E with an output of 1,000 watts, a delivery rate of 3,300 l / h and a delivery head of 42 m has an integrated filter. With this filter, the garden pump is additionally protected from damage, as it prevents in advance that small pebbles, dirt and deposits can penetrate the impeller. In addition, the TGP 1005 E can optionally be fitted with an electronic pressure switch with or without a plug.

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  • TGP 1050 E-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    TGP 1050 E

    Domestic water supply system with filter

    The splash-proof (IPX4) domestic water supply system TGP 1050 E with its power of 1,000 watts, a flow rate of 3,300 l/h and a delivery head of 30 m is equipped with an integrated filter. This filter ensures that the domestic water supply system is additionally prevented against damage, since it already prevents small pebbles, dirt and deposits from passing through to the impeller in the first place. Furthermore the TGP 1050 E is equipped with a pump and a stainless steel pressure tank as well as a pressure switch that is already preassembled.

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  • TGP 1000 ES-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    TGP 1000 ES

    Garden pump - stainless steel

    The garden pump TGP 1000 ES is not only splash-proof (IPX4), has an output of 1,000 watts, a flow rate of 3,300 l / h and a delivery head of 42 m, but the pumps are also made of robust, high-quality and weather-resistant stainless steel. In addition, the TGP 1000 ES can optionally be fitted with an electronic pressure switch with or without a plug.

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  • PMTS 01-230V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    PMTS 01-230V AC

    Rotation tool/multi-function tool

    Whether you're working with stone, wood, glass, leather or metal – the all-rounder PMTS 01-230V not only convinces by its powerful 170-W performance, but also by its comprehensive accessories. In addition to stainless steel twist drills (1x 3 /1x 2 mm), aluminium oxide grinding heads (8x), multi-purpose cutting tools (2x) and collet chucks (1x 3,2 /1x 2,3 mm), this rotation tool kit offers a grinding stone, felt bands (4x), engraving bits (2x), also with a diamond-tipped milling cutter, abrasive belts (5x) as well as cutting wheels (25x) and abrasive wheels (25x) and lots more. The additional handle, positioning fixture, the function for stepless preselection of the oscillation rate with soft start and the quick-clamping system for a tool-free exchange of accessory parts provide for maximum work comfort.

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Former Trotec innovations

  • Deep well pumps-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TDP 5500 E / TDP 7500 E

    Deep well pump made of stainless steel with copper motor

    Whether for cost-saving service water supply, for irrigation purposes or for irrigation of gardens: The powerful and made of stainless steel deep well pumps TDP 5500 E (550 watts / 6,000 l / h) and TDP 7500 E (750 watts / 4,800 l / h) promote water from wells, Water reservoirs, rainwater cisterns and shafts to about 20 m depth. Reliable without backflow and free of dirt and particles thanks to stainless steel strainer. For long-lasting use and protection against overheating, the pumps have maintenance-free and TÜV-tested copper motors with integrated thermal protection circuit.

  • Submerged pumps-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TWP-E series

    Clear water / dirty water submersible pumps

    With a max. capacity of 15,000 litres per hour and an immersion depth of up to 7 meters, the TWP-E series is ideally suited for a wide range of pumping tasks around the house, garden, pond, pool and well, as well as for the empty pumping of underground basements. The automatic switch-on and switch-off point can be adjusted using the float switch. The clear water submersible pump TWP 7505 E / TWP 9005 E is also flat suction.

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  • PRDS 11-230V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PRDS 11‑230V

    Hammer and Chisel Drill

    With a power consumption of 1,600 watts and an impact force of 6 joules in the pneumatic hammer mechanism, the PRDS 11‑230V allows powerful drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling. The vibration absorber in the rear handle and the 360° adjustable front handle ensure a secure grip in any situation.

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  • PCPS 10-1100-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PCPS 10‑1100

    Portable compressor

    PCPS 10‑1100 - the lightweight, oil and maintenance-free 1,100 watt compressor for mobile use in the home, in the garage or in the garden. The TÜV-certified compact device offers you a strong operating pressure of up to 8 bar for easy and quick inflation of car, motorcycle or bicycle tires, as well as balls, dinghies, air beds and swimming pools. With the extensive adapter and nozzle set, you always have the right attachment for different applications. The 3-meter-long compressed air hose also gives you plenty of room to pump up even less accessible valves. On the manometer attached to the compressed air gun, you always have an overview of the current air pressure.

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  • PAGS 10-115-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PAGS 10-115

    Compact angle grinder

    Robust, handy, compact ... and simply practical! This powerful branded angle grinder can be described in TÜV-certified quality in a nutshell. The PAGS 10-115 is ideally suited for efficient continuous use in cutting, grinding and brushing metal as well as for cutting tiles and stones. Its 500W motor offers consistently high power even under load with a constant rated speed of 12,000 rpm. With only 1,500 grams, the lightweight can be precisely managed in one-handed operation. In addition, the angle grinder impresses with lockable continuous operation, spindle lock for easy disc change, restart protection in case of power failure, adjustable cutting disc protection for high safety and a double-sided mounted additional handle. So grab it!

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  • PJSS 11-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PJSS 11‑20V

    20 V cordless jigsaw with combinable Flexpower multi-battery

    The perfect combination of strength, endurance and precision. With its 4-stage adjustable pendulum stroke, the wireless Jigsaw PJSS 11‑20V ensures tear-free cuts, fast sawing progress, better cornering and longer blade life. Other plus points for the device are for example, the pendulum lift free fine cut adjustment, a stepless speed control, the tool-free accessory change, the blower function for chip-free cutting lines and an integrated vacuum cleaner connection. A reliable source of power is the 20 V lithium-ion (2.0 Ah) battery, which can be flexibly combined with other Trotec power tools. Without memory effect and self-discharge, it is charged by a fast charger in one hour. Its state of charge can be checked at any time on the capacity display integrated in the battery, even without the battery being connected to the device.

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  • PSCS 11-16V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PSCS 11‑16V

    16 V cordless drill with Flexpower multi-battery

    With powerful 2-speed transmission, 19 torque stages and 1 drill step, variable speed control incl. Quickstop and automatic spindle locking, the 16 volt cordless drill/driver is recommended for screwdriving and drilling work in the house, in the garden or in the workshop. The 3-level battery capacity indicator is integrated directly into the 16 V (2.0 Ah) lithium-ion battery and can be read even if the battery is not connected to the tool or the quick charger. Particularly practical: The Flexpower multi-battery is compatible with other Trotec 16 V power tools.

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  • PSCS 11-12V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PSCS 11‑12V

    12 V cordless drill

    Ergonomic, compact and powerful - with 19 torque levels for powerful screws and an extra level for convenient drilling at high speeds, the handy cordless drill PSCS 11‑12V presents itself at its best. Its sturdy 2-speed gearbox ensures optimum, infinitely variable power transmission with a maximum torque of 22 Nm. The right-left run switch is equipped with lock-in and a practical quick-stop function brakes the motor immediately when the push-button is released. Keyless chuck, automatic spindle lock, LED work light and the 12 V (2.0 Ah), one hour fast rechargeable lithium-ion battery without memory effect and without self-discharge are further advantages of the TÜV-approved PowerTool.

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  • PMSS 10-220-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PMSS 10‑220

    Multifunction sander

    The Participate PMSS 10‑220 optionally delta, eccentric or orbital sander, and is ideal for all applicable grinding in corners, edges and on larger surfaces. Its powerful 220 W motor offers consistently high power even under load. In addition, the multi-loop tool impresses, among other things, with its continuously variable oscillation preselection with soft start and a continuous operation switch. The practical velcro system and the tool-free clamping system ensure quick and easy sanding blade changes.

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  • PHDS 11-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PHDS 11‑20V

    20 V Cordless Hammer drill with Flexpower multi-battery

    The 20 Volt (2.0 Ah) lithium-ion battery provides the power you need in wood and metal screwdriving and drilling applications, as well as masonry impact drilling. Thanks to the infinitely variable speed control with Quickstop and the left or right mountable handle, the power transmission of the PHDS 11‑20V can be optimally controlled and metered. If you are in a hurry, you can recharge the battery directly with the quick charger in one hour. With the capacity display integrated in the battery, the charge state can be checked at any time, even without the battery being connected to the device. Thanks to the Flexpower multi-battery system, additional 20 V PowerTools from Trotec can be operated wirelessly.

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  • PSCS 11-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PSCS 11‑20V

    20 V cordless drill with Flexpower multi-battery

    More power and more flexibility - with the PSCS 11‑20V you are well equipped! Its powerful 2-speed metal gearbox with 25 torque steps plus one drill step drives screws and drill bits relentlessly into wood and metal. The infinitely variable speed control with Quickstop or the automatic spindle lock are also impressive. The strongest argument, however, is the one hour rechargeable 20 V lithium-ion battery (2.0 Ah) with no self-discharge and memory effect. Thanks to the capacity display integrated in the battery, the state of charge can be checked without the battery being connected to the device. In addition, the practical powerhouse can also be combined with other 20 V tools as part of Trotec's Flexpower multi-battery system.

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  • PWLS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PWLS 10‑20V

    Battery work light

    Pretty bright! This high performance LED tube light provides up to 8 hours of extra light with 300 lumens. So that you can react flexibly in every situation, the light head can be swiveled by 180 ° in 7 positions and rotated by 270 °. In addition, a flashlight is integrated and the cordless spotlight can be conveniently hung by hook for work in which you have your hands free. The perennial 20V lithium-ion multi-battery is part of the Trotec Flexpower system and also fits on to other 20V tools. For those who already own a Flexpower battery, the work lamp PWLS 10 is also available without battery.

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  • PCPS 10/11-16V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PCPS 10‑16V, PCPS 11‑16V

    Cordless compressor and Battery air pump

    These two pumps are compatible with all common valves thanks to the 10-piece adapter set and they inflate almost everything. The high-performance PCPS 10‑16V cordless compressor is ideal for high air pressure of up to 7 bar on tires, balls or games and sporting goods, and offers pressure preselection with automatic shutdown at the desired pressure. The PCPS 11‑16V 2-in-1 Multifunction Battery Air Pump is the quick and easy choice for inflating and deflating mattresses, beach items, dinghies, air beds, swimming pools and camping gear. For maximum flexibility, the 16 V lithium-ion battery without memory effect and without self-discharge can also be combined with other Trotec 16 V Flexpower multi-battery tools.

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  • PAGS 21-115-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PAGS series

    Angle grinder: robust and strong

    No matter whether for cutting, grinding and brushing metal or for cutting tiles and concrete blocks - the new angle grinders from Trotec bring the ideal conditions for comfortable and effortless work, either for the proven professional or for the passionate handyman.

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  • PCSS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PCSS 10‑20V

    Cordless circular saw

    Cordless, powerful and easy to handle - with the PCSS 10‑20V you can make exact cuts up to 48 mm deep. The cutting angle can be adjusted up to 45° without steps and tools. With the aid of the cut line markings on the base plate for 0° / 45° and the switchable guide laser, you will always achieve optimal results. The strongest feature, however, is the powerful Flexpower multi-battery. This powerful 20 V, 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery can also be used with many other power tools from Trotec and is ready to use again within an hour.

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  • PRDS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PRDS 10-20V

    Cordless Hammer Drill

    The Cordless Hammer Drill PRDS 10-20V convinces with screwdriving and drilling applications in wood and metal. In addition, the pneumatic hammer unit with 1 joule of impact fully exploits its strength in hammer drilling in masonry and concrete. Stepless stroke and speed control with Quickstop always ensures full force control and thanks to the SDS-plus holder, a tool change is completed in a matter of seconds. As part of the Flexpower multi-battery system, the 20 V, 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery without memory effect and without self-discharge can also be flexibly combined with other Trotec cordless tools.

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  • PMTS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PMTS 10-20V

    Cordless Multifunction Tool

    The wireless all-rounder for grinding, scraping, sawing and cutting. The 20 V lithium-ion battery with no memory effect and no self-discharge offers reliable, constant power and, as part of the Flexpower multi-battery system, can be flexibly combined with other Trotec cordless tools. For maximum working comfort, the additional handle, the infinitely variable vibration preselection with soft start and the quick-release system with just a few seconds provide tool-free accessory changes. Typical Trotec quality: Our cordless multifunction tool and the 1-hour quick charger were naturally tested by TÜV Rheinland.

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  • PCSS 10-1400-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PCSS 10‑1400

    Hand-held circular saw

    The new 1400-watt hand-held circular saw achieves a cutting depth of up to 65 mm and can be continuously adjusted to a cutting angle of up to 45 °. The speed pre-selection can be set continuously using the adjusting wheel for the material to be sawn. The circular saw is protected against unintentional switching on, offering soft start and stop current limitation as well as a high-quality aluminium pendulum protection hood with pull-back lever for particularly high working safety. A switchable laser guide light precisely marks the desired cutting line.

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  • PRCS 10-850-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PRCS 10‑850

    Sabre saw

    With the 850 Watt powerful sabre saw, including electronic range selection, powerful and precise cuts can be made in a variety of materials. The work can be carried out comfortably in any position thanks to the 3-turn swivel head. In addition, the saw offers a quick-action chuck for tool-free saw blade changing, a tool-free adjustable guide shoe, an LED working light and an additional stroke control for constant speed delivery.

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  • PHDS 10-230V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PHDS 10‑230V

    Hammer drill

    Ideal for powerful screw and drilling applications in wood and metal as well as impact drilling in masonry. The new 650 W Hammer drill from Trotec convinces, thanks to its compact slim design, the stepless speed control, the lockable permanent operating switch, the keyless chuck with lock function and a simple tool change thanks to spindle locking. Of course in TÜV-tested quality!

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